My Stuff :)
El Room is the first level in the Eyesore Levels. It is a small room with a lot of detail.

If you have a small level designed more for detail than killing things, send it to me and I'll include it in the Eyesore Levels. Full credit will be given.

This is a .bmp which can be imported into an. mdl file. No quakec needed.

This is an .mdl which can be imported into a progs directory. No quakec needed.

This is a WAD2 file that contains Wood, Marble, and Stone textures. I also put two sky textures in.


Skins that I threw together for fun.

armor1 -----> Suit and Tie
armor2 -----> 311 Shirt
armor3 -----> Gib
chicken ----> Chicken Man
dann -------> A guy
dogg -------> Fluffy Orange Dog
enforcer ---> Base from Someone Else's Enforcer Plus Imported Graphics
hknight ----> Norseman
knight -----> Nazi/Anarchist/Quake Knight
noeonplyr --> Neon Player
nerd -------> What do you think
shalrath ---> Cool Machine legged bloody Shalrath
shamplyr ---> Shambler Player
zombie -----> Baywatch Zombie
MDLs that I threw together for fun.

b_bh100.bsp -----> 100 Health Point Crossbone Power-up (I got so much use out of that image.
B_rock0.bsp -----> Small Rocket ammo is now a Duck
B_rock1.bsp -----> Large Rocket ammo is now a monkey, from my eyesore and pyramid levels.
dog.mdl ---------> Beta version of my sheep. It'll be good when finished.
end1.mdl --------> I don't Know, Episode One
end2.mdl --------> An "A" for Episode Two
end3.mdl --------> Question Mark for Episode Three
end4.mdl --------> I don't Know, Episode Four
invulner.mdl ----> Something I've wanted to do for a while, an anarchy invulnerability power-up.
missile.mdl -----> A lava projectile thing.
Quaddama.mdl ----> Spiked Guard Head in the Quad Damage Power-up.
S_spike.mdl -----> Long wooden nail for the Super-Nailgun.
V_axe.mdl -------> Hatchet, I made it but the idea came from Squawk.
The eyesore level are being discontinued due to lack of caring.
If you want to take a virtual web walk around the museum,
go here.
I've finally finished. The sheep are alive. They're really cool. Get 'em.