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Recent News:

Small Modifications (Post#3)

Update by John on August 23, 2000
THE DOMAIN NAME IS UP!!! Please access this site through from now on, or until i say so.

I fixed some typos spotted by the alert Joe McDonough and added a bunch of names to the Name Assigner. Check that out.

the e-mail addresses still don't work. Shortly, the site will be 100% Operational.
Bug fix (Post#2)

Update by John on August 11, 2000
read post #1 to see why NOTHING WORKS still. i'm working on it, though...

i fixed a bug reported by the alert Joe today regarding the "Home" button at the top of the page.

i'm going on vacation, so no updates for a week. sorry about the movie page, i meant to have it up...
De site is operational (Post#1)

Update by John on August 10, 2000
Well, the site is up. I'm using a dandy news updater created by my friend, but aside from this, NOTHING WORKS

so don't bother trying to do anything. specifically, none of the e-mails work, because i don't have the domain name yet. so don't mail to, and don't try to use the feedback form. Elsewise, enjoy!