Stuff you can use without asking:
Daily Death logo in menu.
Daily Death button in menu.
Screen shots, including level and weapon pix.
Banners on the news page If you made them
WinAmp ver 1.4 or 1.64
Stuff you can use if you say that you got it here:
Movies, music, art, and monster pix.
News but make sure you make it look like it is a quote.
Stuff you can use if you ask:
Javascripts anywhere in the site.
(If you want the randomizer, I will send you a non-confusing version)
Stuff you can't use:
Banners on the news page (unless you get permission from the creator)
Exact code, if you can't do it yourself, don't run a web page.
Perl scripts, but you can't see them anyway.
The pic of Dann
Here are images that I made are are no longer being used
they may be taken if you mention that you got them here.