Half-Life levels

Didn't it seem like that you were completely into your game of Quake, aware of nothing else but the amount of ammo you have left in your shotgun. Then you reach the end of the level, and you get your statistics and then the jump to the next level. This end of the level experience completely ruined the surreal feeling that you were actually inside the game. This won't happen with Half-Life, because there is only a slight pause between levels which you will hardly know about. After you end a level, you don't just zap into a completely different environment, you stay in the same place. So the ability of going back and forth through levels is not only possible, but it is neccesary to finishthe game. Something that almost all Quake lovers will like to hear, is that Half-Life doesn't have drab, boring, brown colors. Half-Life will usually have a bright environment. If you are a level maker junkie, you will be glad to hear that Half-Life will be shipping with a new version of Worldcraft, and a number of prefabs. This is great for people who like challenging people on their home turf. Three levels have been announced so far, and they are The Portal Device, The Office Warrens, and The Security Complex.

These have been taken from the Gamespot preview.

The Portal Device
The Office Warrens
The Security Complex