These are probably all the links that have anything to do with Half-life.

Official pages



Jaspur's - The best
The eXponential - The best part two
fragilemortality - A great overall site.
Gamehut Half-Life site - A great overall site.
Halflife at Far2cool - A whacky psychadelic site
Half-Life Web Ring - Links to only the best Half-life sites.
The Half-Life Benchmark - An info site.
Inside 3D Half-Life - Three paragraphs of info.
Microguys Half-Life News - Themes and wallpaper
The Gamers Guide-Half-Life - A short preview of Half-life.
- Another site.
Raggy's Half-Life Diejest - Not updated too often.
The Intended Effects - Not updated too often.
The Underworld - Not updated too often.

Previews,Reviews,and other stuff

All About Games - July 1997
Computer Gaming World - Half-Life
Gamecenter "Half-Life promises more than action"
Gamecenter - The Magnificent Seven - Half-Life
GameSlice Special Preview of Half-Life
Games Mania Info Vault
Gamesmania News
GameSpot Half-Life story
GameSpot Preview: Half-Life
Next-Generation 3DFX Game of the Week
OGR Half-Life Preview
OGR's Half-Life Monster of the Week
PC Gamer Preview of WorldCraft 2.0
PC Games Online [Half Life Preview]
Planetquake's Game Designer Corner - Half-Life and Worldcraft:
the new dynamic duo
Redwood's E3 1997 Review
sCary's E3 Half-Life preview
sCary's E3 Game Updates