October 15, 1998

Half-life Skin sites

There is a new skins site on HTDimensions for Half-life and its hosted by Twisted Half-life and another site on Half-life Skins Emporium at Far2Cool, go click on it!

Software/Hardware Half-life Screens

Atomic Half-life had a screen up on the difference between the software and hardware rendering on the game. Valve did great on the graphics capabilities of the Q1/Q2 engine, you just can't recognize which is which until ya look real close.

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October 14, 1998

John's Birthday

Happy Birthday to John Guthrie! So light up the candles and blow all 25 of it! Keep up the good work my man! Seen this on Contaminated.

Day One Review

This slipped past me from the last post =), Valveworld has a review up of the Day One OEM release. Aren't we full enough of the reviews lately? Still a good read.

Half-life Preview

There is an another preview, on Half-life by MindPhlux, on Halflife.net. Its all about the game and some TF2 stuff, screenshots are pretty old now, but its still a good read with the other reviews of the Day One OEM. Click here.


Oops, i made a wrong link to my Half-life wallpaper. =) Here it is again.. K6 design e-mail me if ya like it.

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October 13, 1998

Halflife Search engine

There is a new Half-life search engine called Search Life.


A new update on HocOpus, on This New Level the level design column/page on Wedge and Choryoths page. Seen that on Halflife.net

Wavelength Interview

The guys at Contaminated's Wavelength scored an interview with Harry Teasley, heres the blurb:
Q: Also, did you and/or the other level designers study any related real-life architecture to duplicate that "military base" feeling? Any trips out to some MX Missile sites perhaps?

A: We researched some: mostly photographs of old silos and such from the web, but it taught us basically one thing: military bases are really boring. Making spaces that make reference to military styles without being quite so dull became more our goal.

Valveworld Re-opens

Valveworld gets a new facelift and now being managed by Portax (as the ones who run up the previous version of the page had real life sickness). And they need some help around, so check it out!


Whew, i'm back again in updating "The Daily Death", and some of the news passed me by and RL has got its time on me. =) So send me some of the news people! One more thing...check out my Half-life wallpaper at K6 design e-mail me if ya like it.

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