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I just got this Email from Jenni Grant:


- The release of Team Fortress Classic (which is part of our Half-Life v. update) to the general public, originally scheduled for tomorrow
(Friday, Mar. 26), has been delayed a week (to Friday, Apr. 2) so that we
can fix a few bugs and have time to test the fixes.

- The LAN Party release, originally scheduled for Wednesday of this week,
should go out tomorrow afternoon (Friday, Mar. 26).

- We plan to release the server software to a variety of game sites (for
download) mid-next week so that those of you hosting dedicated servers can
download it and get your servers up and running before the general release
on Friday. (We'll send out a list of participating game sites next week.)

Jenni Gant


Just a quick update before I log off for awhile. I went to my message board to see if I had any messages that I needed to reply to, and the message board was messed up, so I have signed up for another one, and it should be up very soon. If you posted any messages on there please post them again on the new board. If you know of a better message board then the one I have up, please tell me about it. Thanks!


Well, the computer I normaly use is kinda messed up. So I will not be updating for a while. I should be turning this site into a site that reviews and previews games. I have about 1 reviewer so far, and I will be the one that previews games when and if I get to preview games. I should be getting a copy of Team Fortress Clasic to Preview, so when I get that I will preview it, and then I will add the Preview, and all the pages that have to do with the prevews and reviews.


The Official Team Fortress Classic site has Launched at Sierra Studios!
It looks pretty darn cool too!  :)

The Official Team Fortress Classic web site


Well I saw the movie, just go here and read about it.
I'm not even gonna waste my time writing anything else about it.

Half-Life: Uplink Review


Half-Life: Uplink the movie has been released!
I am downloading it right now, and I might post a little something after I see it.

Half-Life: Uplink The Movie --- 5Minutes 10Mb MPEG
Half-Life: Uplink Trailer --- 30 Seconds 1Mb MPEG


I added a backround to the page. heh :P


There is a Half-Life movie that should be out very soon.
It is called
Half-Life: Uplink it has nothing to do with the Half-Life demo
of the same name. It has real actors, and is not CG.

Half-Life: Uplink The Movie


I have 2 new screen shots a level I am working on for the Mod Invade.
The room you see in the screen shots, still is not finished.


I have the Message Board up and running. So Please stop
by and gimme idea's for levels, ask me questions, ect.


I have been working on a level for the Mod Invade, and
 I should have some screen shots to put up very soon.


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