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Scripted action
Realistic environment
3DFX enhanced
Alien Slave
High polygon creature
Realistic environment
Face to face
Days since last injury: *
Hands up!
Grunts 1
Grunts 2
Heavy weapons
Stained textures
Get closer
Not that close
That's better
You may have the first swim
Critters everywhere
Barnacle Eye view
Too close for comfort
I got Ed, you're next
Left hanging
Pretty colors
Unpaid overtime
Got Water?
Walking with style
Don't make me use that chain.*
Behold the might crowbar!*
Taunting Frenchmen*
$50/hour job*
I'm bored, let's shoot Fred*
Houndeye on display
Houndeye on display
New shot of grunts
Tiggers are for pouncing
Paintball war!
Who put blood on the ceiling?
In your face
Leaving you mark
Just you and me pal
Guarding the soda machine
Red light special
You crabby Head 1
You crabby Head 2
You crabby Head 3
You crabby Head 4
Hope it doesn't see/smell/hear me
Minding their own business
Only one left
Gears and chains
It's cold in here.
Which tunnel?
Dismal night
Dark skies.
Gopher tunnel de RITZ
Chopper almost chopped me
Say, "Adobe" ... "adobe" ... "Good"*
Darn, missed the elevator again.*
Come wade with us*
Ugh, green blood*
Big gun, and it's heavy.
Can't keep the cats in
Only one butt? It is of no use.
Realistic environment
On the prowl
Un pez muy feo
I'm gettin outta here
The mutates have escaped!
Wheeee! a fire pole
Don't fall in
Look out Duke, hehe
Yellow pillars, whee.
Sadness in Slavery 1
Sadness in Slavery 2
Sadness in Slavery 3
Sadness in Slavery 4
Hello down there
Way too close
Eye shot
Three stories high
Stupid prickers
It's coming
Oh my gosh, He killed barney
Trail of Fire.
Local DMV
Local DMV
No chance.*
Commom DM view.*
Hey!, you no pay.*
Oops, pushed him too hard.*
NO! a bad hair day.*
* == Fragilemortality screen shots