#Valve Half-life IRC GOLD PARTY

<|sNeAk|> heya robin

<Bakshra> eep

<PDC_Blitz> Ok... To answer a few questions to the many that might be saying WTF?! at this point and time... Firstly, this channel is moderated... That means we cannot hear what you say unless you have a + next to your name...

<Ma|ky> hello gabe

<GabeN> Hi.

<|sNeAk|> hi gabe

<|Groove|> hey gabe

<GabeN> Hey, Sneak.

<Bakshra> Heya Gabe

<PDC_Blitz> Hey Gabe! :)

<FinalThri> Heya Gabe

<autolycus> hi gabe :)

<Borg[]> hi Gabe!

<GabeN> We're still getting setup here. Give us a second.

<RuNab0uT> hiya gabe welcom

<Bakshra> How's that German version of Half-Life doing ;)

<RuNab0uT> er welcome

<Ma|ky> welcome, how many totaly valve people do you think are coming?

<RocketMag> Ah, Gabe. Welcome to our humble little channel.

<PDC_Blitz> Second... Please don't flood the ops or Valve with queries. It will only make us irritable, and I will find out, and you will be banned for repeated offenses... So please, be on your best behavior. :)

<PDC_Blitz> Third.... Enjoy yourselves. Half-Life is here. (finally ;)

<BHorse> armageddon and half-life, what a perfect combo ;)

<Bakshra> yay, my intern has ops ;)

<Perlandra> heheh

<Ma|ky> ok, we will begin a bunch of questions when the rest of the valve people get here

<Bakshra> it's not my fault! The news makes me say it.. they're the ones that show this shit for months ;)

<Bakshra> oh.. it's Jay Leno's fault too.. he makes all sorts of jokes

<PDC_Blitz> Gabe... Before we all get professional here... On behalf of the fans, I'd just like to say thanks. It's been a wild ride, but we made it. :)

<|sNeAk|> sup jay

<Perlandra> hi Jay :)

<|Groove|> hey jay

<sleepnevr> hello

<Perlandra> lol ds

<Ds|Narc> what?

<Perlandra> hey Drilla :)

<Ma|ky> server split

<agentj> wonder if we caused that split ;)

<}Dann{> prolly

<Jojie> hi JayStelly!

<DRiller> hi

<PDC_Blitz> Hey, Dave. Completely missed the join. Good to see you made it. :)

<|sNeAk|> errr ...most of you might not notice, but only +'s and @'s can talk

<GabeN> I'm going away for a second. Be right back.

<|sNeAk|> hayea tagus

<MeFFanE> Hint: Can't stand the constant joins/leaves? If you have mIRC, go to File>Options>IRC Switches(tab), and uncheck: Joins/parts in channel & Quits in channel.

<agentj> dariooooooooooooo

<Choryoth> thanks.

<Choryoth> Hi.

<agentj> Hitch is coming

<Perlandra> hi greg :)

<|sNeAk|> coomer

<HarryT> Howdy all

<|Ash|> Hi there

<Ma|ky> and i must know, how many valve people are coming

<Choryoth> give gabe voice.

<HarryT> Ma|ky: no telling

<GabeN> First off, I'd like to say how much everyone at Valve appreciates the support and enthusiasm Half-Life has received from the community. It's been a long two years, but we think we've built a game that will live up to people's expectations.

<agentj> nick changes stop now or I stop them mmmk? good now shutup gabes got the soap box

<Ma|ky> Well i can assure you Gabe, It has, and in fact, has surpassed them

<|Groove|> hehe

<{UC}Narc> Ok, I'll be the question asker guy.... er whatever

<{UC}Narc> Valve, shall we begin?

<GabeN> On the news side, Sierra will shortly be announcing a program that lets people download the dedicated server and multiplayer client so people can start playing multiplayer Half-Life while they are waiting for the game to show up in stores. The goal of this will be to make sure there are a bunch of servers up and running when the game hits stores.

<Ma|ky> ok, do yo mind if you start questions?!

<Ma|ky> we

<Ma|ky> In a previous chat you mentioned that the player would be able to blow

<Ma|ky> the head of a character leaving only the jaw and tongue left. Did this

<Ma|ky> make it to the final game?

<Perlandra> hi matt :)

<SvenVikng> Ah, I can talk. Hi all :)

<HarryT> Ma|ky: no

<HarryT> It was... disturbing

<{UC}Narc> lol

<{UC}Narc> Will death animations have any relevence to the method/weapon used to

<{UC}Narc> make the kill?

<Choryoth> ma|ky - it did not make it into the final game. It was just a neat test of the flexibility of the swapable model parts in half-life.

<Enon`> Hi Servo!

<GabeN> Also, the International English version should be in production, which will be what gets sold in countries like Singapore, Norway, England, and so on. That should start showing up about 3 days after it arrives in stores in the US.

<Choryoth> ma|ky - instead of blown off heads, you have different kinds of heads - you can identify enemy soldiers by the masks they wear, their hats, etc.

<PDC_Blitz> Once again, sorry about the accident, I'm sure I'll be hearing enough of that at the LAN party tomorrow ;)... And welcome Valve Software! :)

<Borg[]> Are there new ways to customize multiplayer? For example, disabling certain weapons or powerups?

<Ma|ky> i heard that you were able to do this at a point but you took it out because of violence??

<Servo> Hey Enon!

<HarryT> Narc: there are different death animations according to hit location and the direction from which the player was hit

<HarryT> You no longer shoot someone in the foot and watch their head get knocked back

<Choryoth> borg: sure, you can set all sorts of server variables. The defaults are set to what we think are fun, but if people don't want footsteps or falling damage, they can alter those.

<RocketMag> I've recieved this question many times in the past few minutes... Q: Are any forms of hit location damage or pain skins in the retail version of Half-Life?

<Ma|ky> Why were the decisions made to take out many of the things that were suppose to be in the game (chum toads, hw guys, etc)

<{UC}Narc> heheh harry

<|sNeAk|> thanky finalthrill

<Choryoth> Rocketmag - i'll take your question.

<FinalThri> sure

<DeAdWaStE> tanks

<GabeN> There are a bunch of things in the game we've never talked about and some things were taken out. The main reason things were taken out is that they were lame.

<Ma|ky> oh, also, what were the hardest quake(1&2) obstacles to overcome?

<GabeN> Can someone let ChuckJ into the channel?

<Borg[]> What is the final word on decals and being able to scan your face onto a character? What about uploadable skins?

<Jovian> set the limit higher

<agentj> I will

<Choryoth> Rocketmag - Yes, we have specific animations for hit locations. There are specific flinches and specific deaths. monsters will fly forward/backwards depending on how they were shot. Try for a leg shot on a enemy grunt - watch him limp to cover or for backup!

<sleepnevr> [:)

<HarryT> Borg: skins have become more flexible and customizable

<Ma|ky> thats about right

<DeAdWaStE> heh

<HarryT> actually, what you do is build a mdl file with whatever skins on it you want

<agentj> Gabe:whats his nick?

<GabeN> ChuckJ

<|sNeAk|> Choryoth: A year ago in #idsoftware when we held the first valve irc interview, you were really excited about the underground trains ...liek to tell us some more?

<RuNab0uT> how many models we can use in muliplay??

<RedJesus> i think the question was about visible damage on whoever you hit though

<Ma|ky> Chuck15?

<Ma|ky> ?

<Choryoth> borg: Skins? you can even have different meshes!

<HarryT> ChuckJ

<DE|Alt> Finally

<SvenVikng> How about we ask questions in bold, makes it easier?

<SvenVikng> <AgentOrng> sven could you ask em, What happened to the chum toads? and whay?

<Goalie> How are servers going to be set up: like used in gamespy? or will it be an i76 type thing with a valve server people set up games on?

<Borg[]> cool

<HarryT> AgentOrng: the monsters that got cut were no fun

<Borg[]> Was the back clipping plane increased for Half-life's renderer?

<Ma|ky> Are the egon gun, zero point generator, and gauss gun all the same thing?

<DE|Alt> :-)

<HarryT> you won't miss them

<PDC_Blitz> It's off invite now... Chuck should be able to join without problems. I hope, for my personal safety. :)

<Enon`> Hi GabeN: I like the idea of being able to run multiplayer with the said download from Sierra, But will this not make it too easy for people to Not buy the game but play anyway. or is multiplayer going to be considered Free period?

<HarryT> Borg: the clip plane is customizable

<Avatar> I'd love to hear in detail about the serial # system, will that effect users using gamespy to find games?

<Ma|ky> Could you tell how many tracks of music is on the CD? Do you use "cues" heavily like

<Ma|ky> Unreal? Or do you rely alot more on ambient sounds.

<Perlandra> slow down with the questions, no?

<GabeN> Right now we have multiplayer models for Gordon, Gina, human grunt, scientist in the game, plus a helmeted version of Gordon.

<Ma|ky> ok, ill slow

<DE|Alt> I've missed a lot..... I think. What'd I miss?


<Onnatop> There are 27 music tracks on the CD, used for mood mostly

<Ma|ky> great onna

<Ma|ky> do you use cues?

<Choryoth> sneak: trains were the new technology at the time. We've gotten tons of things that became our favorite level designer toys since then. Dave Riller (a level designer here at Valve) build a very intricate underground train system. Firefights with the enemy as you drive by, controls you can use to switch tracks. It's something I expect the map community will fall in love with.

<Choryoth> That, and beam FX.

<{UC}Narc> ok, I got the next one

<Onnatop> There are specific "theme" songs as well

<RedJesus> what is the music like?

<Goalie> How are servers going to be set up: like used in gamespy? or will it be an i76 type thing with a valve server people set up games on?

<GabeN> We're going to be releasing other models through a variety of mechanisms. When you get a chance to check out "Too Much Coffee Man", you should do it.

<DE|Alt> Ha!

<DE|Alt> :-)

<Chuck15> I heard the 2 mp3 music sample,wich part of the game are they on?

<|sNeAk|> onnatop: 10 tracks on the oem cd right?

<RuNab0uT> cool

<autolycus> TMCM is a direct result of working next to starbucks, im sure

<{UC}Narc> Have the rumors about players in multiplayer, redirecting other people's rockets with the laser correct?

<Yahn> goalie, individuals can host there own serves. WON.net will also be hosting servers

<Choryoth> (please submit questions in BOLD - makes 'em easier to find in the flood. thanks!)

<Onnatop> sNeAk: yes


<RocketMag> Here's a question that's been bothering me lately... I've heard that Half-Life levels are sometimes on the medium-to-small size. Will deathmatch maps be significantly larger than the singleplayer ones?

<HarryT> auto: that, and leaving Steve Theodore idle for twenty minutes

<Servo>(GabeN)Will Half-Life be supported over Mplayer?

<Yahn> goalie, our front end allows finding these servers and connectint to them. We will also work with the gamespy folks to ensure that their front end can be used (for you power user types)

<GabeN> Harry's going to be releasing the Chum toad model, so if people want to build something with it, they can.

<Dario> I'll do the guns Q

<autolycus> hahaha

<Borg[]> Does HL include coop play out of the box?What about CTF?

<Enon`> GabeN: Hehe, "Too Much Coffee Man". I love it.. Home away from home. StarBucks :)

<Ma|ky> Also, what are the customizability options for Multi, (like with powerups, weapons, and batteries)

<Choryoth> Narc: Sure, the laser designator on the rocket launcher can control a rocket - i've yet to see a coop team game use this as a skill, but i'm sure it's bound to happen.

<HarryT> Yes, we have a lot of models for people to play with, and implement on their own

<Chuck15> How many skins are there to use

<BowDown> Question to Valve folk: When will you begin releasing more info for TF2...and begin hyping?

<GabeN> The server program will be restricted to the first X people, where I'm not sure what X is. Each one will have a serial number, and people who keep their servers up will get stuff.

<RedJesus> i'm not going to need a patch for my voodoo rush am I? :)

<Dario> The Egon and Gauss are two separate guns. The Egon fires a steady stream of energy that heats up and eventually pops things it's aimed at. The Gauss has a wind up period and when at maximumi power it shoots through walls, causing a large damage radius when it comes out the other side

<SvenVikng> <ME> Will you be able to paint more than one decal about the place in multiplayer (in the same game, without rejoining or anyrthing)

<UrbaNomad> Choryoth: Can you change your skin in multiplayer, or is every player model restricted to one skin?

<HarryT> We're creating a whole suite of materials that mod authors can play with, and use to create custom HL add-ons

<Ma|ky> ok, slow down a little

<{UC}Narc> Ok, everybody who is voiced, we have a pre made question list so could you please wait until we are donw with those questions to ask yours?

<Yahn> sven, you are limited to a single decal during one game. You can disconnect, change decals and rejoin...

<RocketMag> I've heard that Half-Life levels are sometimes on the medium-to-small size. Will deathmatch maps be significantly larger than the singleplayer ones?

<PhishHed> Have the system requirements changed much from what you first thought they'd be?

<Chuck15> ok no problem

<GabeN> Dario, please use the Gluon Gun/Tau cannon names or we are going to confuse the hell out of people.

<SvenVikng> Narc: OK, didn't know

<DE|Alt> <Ping> Hey! Wazzup?! I wanna know if CTF is gonna be with the full HL release

<Enon`> GabeN: Could you explain "Get stuff" more in depth please?

<HarryT> ROcketMag: DM maps are sized for number of players and ping

<Onnatop> DE|Alt: No

<AutoMag> this is getting too confusing

<Ma|ky> Are textures included in the maps like Quake1 or are then separate in a wad or what? Explain why you did this...

<Dario> Decals can be sprayed ever time you kill someone

<UrbaNomad> I will stay silent

<HarryT> Dario just finished a small map for 2-4 players with high pings

<HarryT> we have other maps that accomodate 16+ folks easily

<GabeN> There's a lot of variation in multiplayer levels. Dario did a quite large level called bootcamp which holds a ton of people, and he's finishing up a new 1:1 level. The goal is to ahve a good set of maps for a wide variety of gameplay and connection types.

<Borg[]> *<bombadil> Will half-life be 3dnow optimized? also how does TNT shape up with halflife?*

<RocketMag> Q: Will co-op maps be included in the retail? Can you give us a few examples of these?

<Choryoth> Urban - You can have one skin per mesh, and have a full palette of colors to choose for colors specified as top/bottom.

<Choryoth> I'll take ma|ky

<RuNab0uT> oh, so there are maps that caters to hpb and lpbs

<Jay_SM200> The server can also set a timelimit for decals, so you could have a "painters" server that let people spray and spary...

<GabeN> TNT is a very good card for Half-Life. We are working with AMD, but don't have anything to announce at this time.

<Ma|ky> ok

<HarryT> RuN: yes

<DeAdWaStE> brb

<tido14> am i voiced now?

<Dario> Borg - I use a TNT and run the game at 1024*768 - I get about 60fps

<Ma|ky> people, try to slow_DOWN

<tido14> cool

<GabeN> Yes, there are maps for hpbs and lpbs.

<Ma|ky> this is really too confusing

<Choryoth> ma|ky - You can do both. Textures in half-life BSPs can be stored in the .BSP file, or you can specify that the textures are to be loaded from the .WAD. This is but one of the great enhancements made to the half-life tool set.

<|sNeAk|> will there be a point release with more dm maps or ctf, etc ...and what other multiplayer variants will be released by you guys?

<Onnatop> Ma|ky: Textures are in a separate .wad file

<Borg[]> wow....cool

<Ma|ky> _PLEASE_

<HarryT> We want everyone to have as god an online experience as possible

<Jovian> GabeN: you said he's finishing up a map...does that mean you will be putting up maps for download?

<|sNeAk|> heya lang

<Onnatop> Ma|ky: All textures for a map are loaded dynamically from the wad file, to save space

<tido14> question for gabe: how many single and deathmatch levels are there?

<RocketMag> Q: Will co-op maps be included in the retail? Can you give us a few examples of these?

<Ma|ky> good

<{UC}Narc> I heard that walls may grow mossy. do any other things like that happen to show that time has passed

<Enon`> GabeN: Will there be a different release date for HaLF-LIFE in Canada, as opposed to the Rel. Date in the US?

<Langsuyar> heh, your client crashes, you reconnect and get voice? should write an irc tips and tricks book :)

<HarryT> Jovian: try stopping Dario from making maps

<Ma|ky> Does the weapons aim still change alot depending on your movement?

<Jovian> hahaha

<GabeN> It should be the same in US and Canada. Basically as fast as the replicators can build it.

<{UC}Narc> I forgot how

<}Dann{> Can a model be imported into a map via Worldcraft or will it need some coding to accompany it?

<Jovian> i can't wait to make maps for HL

<Goalie> Do any of the valve people like to play on a team in multiplayer? If so msg me :)

<HarryT> Dann: depends on the model

<gregco> gabe's favorite

<}Dann{> ok, thanks

<HarryT> convex shapes only

<{UC}Narc> hehehe

<Perlandra> hehe

<PhishHed> whoa

<Ma|ky> to use BOLD type ctrl and "b" at the same time before and after the text you want bold

<Jay_SM200> We will be releasing new content for multiplay, including Dario's new map.

<{UC}Narc> I heard that walls may grow mossy. do any other things like that happen to show that time has passed

<RocketMag> Are any co-op maps in the retail version? If so, can you name a few examples?

<GabeN> I personally build large piles of Greg's skull to show that time has passed.

* DRiller looks ag Gabe

<DRiller> at, even

<Ma|ky> Does the weapons aim still change alot depending on your movement? ??

<Ma|ky> lol gabe

<Yahn> heh

<PhishHed> How long do you get to stay in Xen? Same as on earth or more?

<PDC_Blitz> heh

<|Groove|> lol gabe

<Choryoth> jovian: there is a lot you can do with the half-life toolset and worldcraft. we provide lots of tutorials with WC as well as a resource guide to what the entities do. After we ship, we'll release an SDK and a even some levels from the game to show how complicated entities can be strung together to do interesting things.

<|sNeAk|> hehe

<RuNab0uT> cool

* Dario tests purple text on Driller

<Jovian> Valve Guys: when do you guys start having vacations?

<tido14> how do u write in bold?

<Ma|ky> ok illl stop witht he "heh's" if you do

<Ma|ky> to use BOLD type ctrl and "b" at the same time before and after the text you want bold

<HarryT> Ma|ky: are you talking about autoaim? You can turn it on or off at will. It's on by default in the Easy and Medium skill modes

<Choryoth> Jovian : funny you should ask about vacations. ....

<Ma|ky> no, i meant when you move, like in rainbow 6

<LintODeth> Malky: sounds like you're getting HL confused with HL:TF... aim is affected by the player's movement... crouching aims better, running worse, etc

<Jovian> Choryoth: oh?

<LintODeth> but that's only in HL:TF

<Choryoth> jovian : my white butt is going to be burning to a crisp on the beach in a mere week.

<Yahn> jovian, we here at valve consider our jobs a vacation (....sarcasm...hehe)

<|sNeAk|> when will half-life teamfotress be released?

<tido14> how many sigle player levels are in the finished version?

<Ma|ky> How many degrees would you say the ZPG deviates from the center?

<Choryoth> yahn: sick.

<Ma|ky> i thought so,,,,,

<Ma|ky> heh

<Ma|ky> *DVS01* hi.. when you can, ask em: are you planning on implementing things such as bump mapping or trilinear mipmapping for the final release?

<Ma|ky> *Mutilator* Ask them if they'll implement some more 'realistic' physics features, like, sliding boxes down hills, and the box actually rotates to match the plane normal.

<UrbaNomad> hooray for Choryoth!

<Jovian> hahaha

<Dario> Choryoth - promise you'll wear lots of clothes on that beach!

<GabeN> We're all going to Mexico as of Sunday for a couple of days. Pretty terrifying thought, since all of us were indoors all summer. Choryoth is going to have to change his nick to "crispycritter."

<|[Xp3rT]|> thx Malky

<NitroLurk> lol malk

<Perlandra> haha

<DRiller> more like "The Great White Streak"

<Dario> Tido14 - about 100 separate levels

<PhishHed> Remember that spf 3000 sunblock

<NitroLurk> i guess they want a trespasser 'master of all things crate'

<NitroLurk> ;)

<Choryoth> dario: seen coocoon? those white creatures? that's me.

<AutoMag> I like the idea of being able to run multiplayer with the said download from Sierra, But will this not make it too easy for people to Not buy the game but play anyway. or is multiplayer going to be considered Free period? as asked earlier

<RuNab0uT> lol gaben

<|sNeAk|> hehe crispy critter (inside joke ...remeber that bak? ;))

<Jovian> hang out at the nude beaches

<DRiller> just so people know, I'm ignoring msg's - sorry

<Jay_SM200> Hanging out with other Valve folks on the beach will make me look much less pasty!

<GabeN> Yeah, I just checked and it's right at 100.

<{UC}Narc> Is HL gonna be CD music or Files like in SIN?

<RedJesus> no one is as white as me

<BowDown> When will more TF2 info be released...and when will the hype begin for it?

<Choryoth> narc: it's all CD music.

<PDC_Blitz> Ok, a few questions have been tossed at me... Gonna throw em atcha, Valve.

<f0deLurk> ..Choryoth, from one of my favorite boys out there.. whats your favorite kinda cheese?

<Choryoth> narc: it's great stuff. Fun to listen to even when not in the game.

<|sNeAk|> gabe: what size installations will there be? and how about cd checking?

<HarryT> Narc: HL music is red book audio, off the CD

<PhishHed> Are you aware that you guys will be financially safe for the rest of your natural lives after you release the game???

<LintODeth> Bow: TF2 info will be showing up in gaming magazines and www sites over the next couple of months, along with screenshots and map details

<GabeN> AutoMag - it's a limited program, and there are serial numbers. We want to reward the Half-Life community and supporters, not give away multiplayer.

<{UC}Narc> rofl phish

<Ma|ky> How many degrees would you say the ZPG deviates from the center?

<Ma|ky> *DVS01* hi.. when you can, ask em: are you planning on implementing things such as bump mapping or trilinear mipmapping for the final release?

<Ma|ky> *Mutilator* Ask them if they'll implement some more 'realistic' physics features, like, sliding boxes down hills, and the box actually rotates to match the plane normal.

<AutoMag> thanks Gabe

<HarryT> Phish lol

<{UC}Narc> malky

<DE|Alt> Guys....

<{UC}Narc> don't ask three at a time

<HarryT> Ma|: no bump mapping

<Onnatop> Narc: HL uses CD music

<Ma|ky> people keep sendin em!!!!

<tido14> why do the people at sierra customer support keep telling me the release as december 5th

<DE|Alt> Stops asking so many questions so quickly

<DE|Alt> Geez

<f0deLurk> guess the cheese got played out quick.. eh?

<Choryoth> f0de: i just couldn't think of anything. =)

<f0deLurk> oh.. i have like.. everyones fav. cheese but yers

<|sNeAk|> hehe f0de

<Jovian> when do you expect HL to be in stores...some say the 17th...others say the 20th

<HarryT> tido: they're wrong, couldn

<Perlandra> you don't have my favorite cheese :(

<f0deLurk> ..sneaks.. be sharp cheddar

<f0deLurk> bah nm..

<HarryT> couldn't tell you why they're saying that

* Perlandra looks at f0de

<f0deLurk> :/

<|[Xp3rT]|> HL will >require< the CD for single play? True or False?

<f0deLurk> i shadup

<DeAdWaStE> truE

<GabeN> PhishHed - Actually having been at MS for a long time, Mike and I were doing OK already. The main reason we are doing this is because we really want to be building games. The money is nice, but it's really about what we get to do on a day to day basis and who we get to do it with more than anything. Of course Choryoth gets to buy a second T-shirt, which is a bonus for everyone (I'm not sure why I'm picking on John, instead of Dario, who could easily i

<DRiller> Choryoth no longer likes Cheese because he shares with me and Dario smells like cheese all the time.

<DRiller> the office he shares, that is

<Ma|ky> *Cj`-* Will the full version of Half-Life support any types of Cyrix processors?

<Perlandra> heheh

<Nigel> How long do you guys think a single player game will take a novice player to complete?

<GabeN> Yes, we support Cyrix CPUs.

<Ma|ky> ok

<|[Xp3rT]|> Deadwaste: you know that for a fact?

<tido14> Will the half-life (full) be different from the half-life (oem)

<Choryoth> Xp3rT: you will need the CD to start the game. you will want the CD in the drive for single play because the music is groovy.

<Borg[]> heh

<Ma|ky> Is the whole game in a .pak and if so, have you improved the method of

<Ma|ky> compressing/archiving?

<DeAdWaStE> xp3rt: not really :)

<GabeN> Yes, Half-Life requires the CD for single play. For multiplay it uses a serial number.

<DeAdWaStE> almost sure though

<|[Xp3rT]|> I see :)

<DeAdWaStE> see

<DeAdWaStE> i was right

<Ma|ky> WTF TIDO!?!!!

<UrbaNomad> choryoth: easy Y/N Q... does Wedge still eat pork riblets?

<GabeN> The Warezing of the OEM made everybody cranky about copy protection stuff.

<DeAdWaStE> im alwayz right

<Choryoth> Sometimes, I wear my pizza hut t-shirt and pizza hut "safe driver" pin when I come to work. ahh.. memories..

<sleepnevr> wait, don't -v yet

<sleepnevr> i'm making a list

<GabeN> Yes, Day One is different in small ways from the opening of the full game.

<f0deLurk> ..choryoth.. did you get one of those hats?

<Borg[]> GabeN:sorrta like Starcraft?Will ir take you're system registry?:)

<PhishHed> Are there any weapons that we don't know about yet? No names, just a number maybe.

<{UC}Narc> Does Half-Life has Client-Side firing?

<Choryoth> f0de: pizza hut hat? oh yes.

<LintODeth> HL:TF uses that multiplayer serial number as a means of identifying players... cheaters/spammers/teamkillers can be banned from servers based on that key, and it doesn't matter if they change names/ips, they'll stay banned

<Choryoth> f0de: they make you wear it.

<f0deLurk> ..yew da man

<GabeN> Pretty much the same as Starcraft, yes.

<DeAdWaStE> is half-life better than sin?

<Ma|ky> Is the whole game in a .pak and if so, have you improved the method of archiving/compression ??

<f0deLurk> id rock that hat like.. all day long

<|sNeAk|> gabe: about the OEM and the warezing and all ...what did you think of it?

<Yahn> borg, we will not be doing anything with your registry other than storing local settings there...

<Nigel> f0de, that's not all you rock :P

<GabeN> Robin, could you tell everybody a bit about Team Fortress?

<Borg[]> heh

<DErAileD> Valve: If any of ya'll are free New Year's Eve/Day, please message me. :-)

<|[Xp3rT]|> I hvae a question, if I may......

<f0deLurk> HEY YEWSHADUP!#

<Enon`> VALVe: Why the secretiveness around TF2, Would it not be more advantagous to release Logo's and specifications of TF2, Rather than wait? i ask this becuase there are Web sites out there (Namely mine. fortresstimes.) That would like to start providing information about TF2.

<LintODeth> Narc: wherever we can, we move stuff to the client side to minimise network lag... but not all firing could be done client side of course

<tido14> i have seen many magazines with half-life in for sale in them. also there was no "coming soon" on it whats up with that?

<Choryoth> Team Fortress!

<GabeN> Greg, can we put the preview up somewhere for people?

<f0deLurk> 2!

<Belgand> How exactly will TF2 beintegrated into HL? will it be loaded as a seperate entity or from inside HL? How will this affect Multi-play?

<Belgand> How exactly will TF2 beintegrated into HL? will it be loaded as a seperate entity or from inside HL? How will this affect Multi-play?

<|[Xp3rT]|> Tido: magazines do that. You buy it, and they ship it to you when they get it, which is when it's realeased

<|[Xp3rT]|> Gabe: So anyone who I see playing HL on the net (muliplayer) will have bout the game for user? No warez fu..... lamers?

<|[Xp3rT]|> True/Fase.....

<GabeN> oooooooooooooooooooops. I misread the Starcraft question. LOL. No, we don't do anything that will get us arrested in CA. We don't do any registry snooping. Noooo.

<|[Xp3rT]|> 480?!

<|[Xp3rT]|> wow :)

<|sNeAk|> can we expect some teamfortress info or screens soon?

<gregco> gaben, sure. we can put it up right now.

<tido14> GABE : boxers or briefs?

<f0deLurk> ..

<|[Xp3rT]|> lol

<f0deLurk> that was uncalled for

<GabeN> Neither.

<DeAdWaStE> heh

<LintODeth> Enon: The main reason behind the quietness of HL:TF is its new art direction... with the grunt of Valve's artists and modellers behind it, HL:TF has gone through some evolutions, mainly in its visuals

<FinalThri> commando style?

<HarryT> good grief

<f0deLurk> !

<Choryoth> doh!

<|Groove|> rofl, what kinda question is that

<DeAdWaStE> haha

<Jovian> Did you guys do any multiplayer coding to optimize the netplay from the old engine?

<|[Xp3rT]|> Freeballer eh Gaber?

<SvenVikng> Will the copy protection mean that you mightn't be able to play on the net sometimes, 'cos a warezer's stolen your serial? (as happened with Starcraft)?

<Ma|ky> jovian please

<GabeN> Yahn, want to talk about what we've done to make multiplayer stronger?

<Ma|ky> onviously!

<Nigel> Choryoth: How long do you think a single player game will take a novice to complete?

<RuNab0uT> so serials just identifies a player on the net??

<PDC_Blitz> Ok, I'm gettin some more demands from various people about this one. They wanna know exactly what the server logs. :) Also, to beat this question to death which I am being flooded with... Can you spray-paint dead bodies?

<Ma|ky> n/b

<LintODeth> which is the main reason we've been quiet on the screenshots... but the visuals are nailed now, and you'll begin to see more screenshots showing off some of the more interesting things we've done

<UrbaNomad> LintODeth: Will you be able to modify anything as far as models\skins go for TF2?

<Ma|ky> Is the whole game in a .pak and if so, have you improved the method of archiving/compression ??

<f0deLurk> Da whole valve posse whos the champ at dm at Valve Software?

<{UC}Narc> Valve, we're going too fast aren't we?

<PhishHed> Can devoted fans get a small chunk of flesh from each of the VALVe people with labels and everythin? And maybe a plastic box...

<RedJesus> On c-net central the other day they had some clips of Half-Life with a horrible framerate, looked like 2 FPS, any explanetion?

<HarryT> Blitz: you can spray paint near the body, on the ground

<DeAdWaStE> yes

<Yahn> jovian, we did a lot of stuff with the multiplayer code. Mostly to reduce bandwidth, optimize client side prediction, and make sure that the game is enjoyable to those with lesser (less than isdn) connections... which is most folks anyway

<DeAdWaStE> u need to slow down

<DeAdWaStE> or im gonna ... ah forget it

<Perlandra> sweet baby jesus, slow down

<Jovian> cool

<Jay_SM2k> PDC: You can only spray paint on the world / doors / trains / boxes / etc.

<|Groove|> man quit speeding things up..

<Jojie> hl:tf logs everything that happens in the game... where you should, who, how, when, whether you hit the guy in the head, leg, etc

<Choryoth> I vote for Lint to be the king of Dm.

<tido14> is there a definate release date or is it just before this thanksgiving?

<|Groove|> still got lotsa time..

<LintODeth> urban: we're planning on allowing clans to customize their skins (clan emblems on the shoulderpads, etc), and of course, you've got clan decals

<HarryT> RedJesus: maybe they were running it on a 486?

<UrbaNomad> well, Im trying to go as slow as I can :-\ I've only asked like 3 things

<Dario> I'm the champ at DM here, when I can use the secret rooms I put in my levels :)

<GabeN> Right now Lint of Death has been whipping on the rest of us, although the rest of us are starting to catch up again. Robin has to get TF out the door, so his advantage should disappear.

<LintODeth> aww

<RedJesus> :)

<|sNeAk|> haha

<HarryT> dario lol

<Langsuyar> Dario: i take it that driller doesn't play HL dm, then :P

<|[Xp3rT]|> Robin is pretty sucky at TF right?

<|[Xp3rT]|> :)

<HarryT> ha!

<|sNeAk|> ok, then who sucks the most at dm? ;)

<Belgand> how much do you plan to utilize TF2 as opposed to your own multi-play?

<UrbaNomad> LintODeth: are you only able to change skins in TF2 then? Last Q on it, I swear :]

<f0deLurk> pong was my game..

<HarryT> I school them all!!!!

<GabeN> There isn't a clear street date, because we would have had to hold everything in order to have copies everywhere at the same time. It could be mid-next week for some stores.

<PhishHed> with the Serial # will this do what Blizzard did with there serial #? like gather Registration information.

<Choryoth> Dario thinks he can put secrets into levels without us finding out. He must forget that we all have access to the map files.

<SvenVikng> Will the copy protection mean that a warezer can steal your serial, making things generally difficult for you? (as happened with Starcraft)?

<|[Xp3rT]|> mid next week! WOOP !

<HarryT> THat's not a promise

<LintODeth> Urbanomad: we don't allow full skin changes on TF models, no. We have different models per class _per team_... the amount of work required to redo an entire team would be too much.

<over|ord> Can you give us some more info about those explosive bomb things that are used in halflife dm? I read about it in one review, but I want to know some intresting things about it

<Jay_SM2k> Driller keeps wasting me when he's at home on the modem and I'm on the T1. But I'm getting better ... :)

<f0deLurk> ..

<f0deLurk> this is bad

<PDC_Blitz> Once again, these people need details... Ugh. :) Exactly how many single and multi player levels have made it into the final?

<GabeN> PhishHed -NNNNNNNNooooooooooo. No registry sniffing.

<|sNeAk|> thank you dann ...err bite me malky

<LintODeth> the other problem is that you'd never be able to use them with other people... they wouldn't be able to tell which class is which

<Enon`> VALVe: Reguarding Copy Protection, In Canada we have a legal right to make ONE Backup Copy of Any media we have.. will this "copy Protection" prevent us from creating a Backup copy of the Half-Life CD(s) ?

<Dario> I can put secrets into parts of the map you'll never find Choryoth

<Yahn> sven, if you compromise your cd key, that is a problem you will have brought on yourself. However, we have ways of dealing with the situation such that legitimate users are not blocked

<sleepnevr> i told hi not to do that

<|sNeAk|> hehe

<NitroLurk> roflmao!


<DeAdWaStE> <DaRkWoLf_> have you guys tried HL over a modem yet and not guessing that it should run fine?

<f0deLurk> cough

<DeAdWaStE> !!

<sleepnevr> MALKY STOP

<Choryoth> PDC_Blitz - there are over 100 BSPs in single play.

* NitroLurk cries in laughter

<DeAdWaStE> <DaRkWoLf_> have you guys tried HL over a modem yet and not guessing that it should run fine?

<f0deLurk> and there goes sumbudys access..

<GabeN> You can create a backup copy, no problem.

<NitroLurk> gahahahha!

<HarryT> Deadwaste: modm play is what we've been concetrating on most recently

<sleepnevr> =/

<Yahn> deadwaste, we have bunches of folks who've been playing the game from home at night via modem. They seem to be having a good time.

<PDC_Blitz> I can imagine small "Dario only" areas in multiplayer maps, marked off by a small DCDM decal the size of a thumbnail. ;)

<HellPhish> uh oh

<DeAdWaStE> yahn: gracious

<SvenVikng> Yahn: With Starcraft though, people used key gens, which would often find serials from boxes that hadn't even been sold

<HarryT> It runs as well as QuakeWorld, which is not surprising as QW is what we used as a base.

<GabeN> Yes, HL runs on modems. 70% of people playing multiplayer are running on modems still (actually we were surprised to find out how many people had faster access).

<Onnatop> DaRkWoLf_: I play HL from home on a modem often, and we all tested it from home when we could. It runs as well, if not better and QuakeWorld

<|Groove|> Im just wondering (and pissing off everyone in the channel) what the load times will be on a pII450

<Onnatop> Groove: mere seconds

<LintODeth> Some of the more interesting things you'll be seeing in TF are interactive vehicles used to deploy and mobilise troops... we use Bradley APC's, C130 Troop planes, Tanks, etc

<Dario> Blitz - they made me take most of them out :(

<|Groove|> heh

<|Groove|> better then sin =)

<HarryT> Groove: a couple of seconds

<GabeN> The load times? For a map? Right around a second.

<Yahn> sven, again, we have a contingency plan for that. it's prettty difficult to generate valid cd keys, actually

<Enon`> [20:59] <Mutilator> Will you implement some more 'realistic' physics features, like boxes actually rotates to match plane normals while on angled surfaces.

<Choryoth> |groove| i don't have any times, but load times are very short. Seconds.

<f0deLurk> GabeN: Did Half-Life make it to the visions you had planned? if not.. what didnt get put in the game that you would have wanted?

<|sNeAk|> are hidden easter eggs in the game?

<|Groove|> cool

<|Groove|> thanks

<DeAdWaStE> yeh, are there hidden stuff and secrets?

<SvenVikng> Yahn: OK, great, thx.

<DErAileD> Valve: If any of ya'll are free New Year's Eve/Day, please message me. :-) I'm serious. It's about that LAN party I'd want you to attend. Please just message me, thank you.

<Yahn> mutilator, we have no current plans to alter they way boxes slide and fall.

<GabeN> Half-Life is pretty much the game we wanted it to be. We were willing to take longer (obvious to everyone in this channel) but not compromise the game.

<LintODeth> We also place an emphasis on control and placement of heavier weaponry... controlling a certain machine gun nest might make or break your team in a map, getting your support artillery to covering positions, etc

<Perlandra> hi Brett :)

<{UC}Narc> Question: How big was your beer tab on the night HL went gold at your local bar?

<Brett_J> hey now

<Jovian> heh

<Yahn> mutilator, you might ask yourself how that adds to gameplay in single or multiplayer, I'm not seeing any "fun factor" in such boxes...

<SvenVikng> Why was Mr. Friendly taken out of the game?? He wasn't really evil, just misunderstood...

<SvenVikng> :)

<GabeN> Narc, we're actually saving it up for Mexico. Jay has promised to show us how someone from Louisiana really gets drunk.

<Tagus> And sunburned.

<DeAdWaStE> heh

<Brett_J> hehehe

<{UC}Narc> bwahhahaha

<BowDown> Question: Will the commander class in TF2 have a minimap sort of thing like in RTS? Or something to easily help control squads?

<f0deLurk> hey Choryoth.. you should smuggle a bunch of Store Display boxes from Sierra.. and sell em on the side.. id buy a few :]

<Jovian> is it a whole team trip?

<GabeN> Mr. Friendly will be released by Harry.

<Perlandra> why kick happy all of a sudden?

<RedJesus> will there be anything to do by yourself (singleplayer) in TF2?

<sleepnevr> you will see

<NitroLurk> not kick happy

<sleepnevr> I'm keeping a list of the voiced people

<|Groove|> <Champ-> what are the *real* min. specs for HL? The specs that mean I can run HL without beating my monitor in cause it's so slow?

<NitroLurk> riot control =\

<SvenVikng> Released? As a mod? Sounds pretty good :)

<ph0s> beating your monitor would not improve Half-Life's performance.

<GabeN> Yes, the company is going. A couple of people will be here to keep the company going and make sure no on sneaks in and steals all our computers, but most everybody will be getting drunk and sunburned.

<HarryT> Sven: Mr. Friendly is just waiting for someone out there to be his friend

<LintODeth> Bow: no... our maps are often too complex to be shown in 2 dimensions in a non-confusing way. the commander uses visual readouts to convey the information he needs. We'll be releasing screenshots showing this soon.

<PDC_Blitz> Q: Some people are asking for a speed bracket, in relation to the latest games... Shogo, Delta Force, UnReal, etc... Even though we've been over this before, they want to know. :)

<|sNeAk|> gabe: you said sneaks (yay!) ;)

<Dario> How big IS the beer tab going to be when we reach Cabo??

<Jovian> haha..sounds fun ;)

<LintODeth> Red: we have a singleplayer campaign aimed at introducing the classes and map-objectives to you

<RocketMag> What happens if all of Valve dies in a plane crash on the way to Mexico? Will the survivors in Seattle take over the company and reap all the profits?

<Belgand> How will TF be handled? will it be launched from HL or seperate?

<GabeN> Groove, it really is pretty comparable to Q2.

<f0deLurk> dey aint neva said f0de.. sniff

<Yahn> rocketmag, don't worry, we're flying the plane ourselves...

<GabeN> We're still working out the best way to get

<DeAdWaStE> gabe: lets say you didnt make half-life. you played that and sin. which would you prefer?

<RocketMag> Heh heh..

<RocketMag> You're joking, right?

<DeAdWaStE> yeh

<Yahn> am i?

<RedJesus> am i going to be able to get TF2 for christmas or is it going to be longer?

<sleepnevr> excuse me... is it a good time to have a serious q/a session??

<RocketMag> That's what's scaring me..

<Jovian> who's the pilot!?

<}Dann{> please do sleep

<DeAdWaStE> heh

<{UC}Narc> I'm ready

<PDC_Blitz> Sleep... When you're ready, I suppose...

<|sNeAk|> yeah, tf for xmas or what?

<HarryT> yahn bernier: lawyer, coder, test pilot. yahn, the fragrance for men.

<GabeN> TF out to as many people as possible, and to make it as retailer friendly as possible. Once we know that for sure, we'll let people know. It may be possible that there is a stand-alone version, as well as another SKU that has the two products bundled together, as well as a way for people with Half-Life to get TF.

<|sNeAk|> hehe

<{UC}Narc> hahah harry

<Yahn> sniff, hrm, do I have bo?

<Yahn> he

<PDC_Blitz> heh

<SvenVikng> <SnipE> I've seen an add in a November 1997 PCGamer about Half life. And it said "Download the Demo Today" (??)

<NitroLurk> heh

<|sNeAk|> hehe, i know

<|[Xp3rT]|> thanx man

<|Groove|> rofl

<|[Xp3rT]|> no leave me alone sleep!

<NitroLurk> bo :P

<NitroLurk> lol!

<GabeN> Sven - the person responsible for that ad has been sacked. And the moose, too.

<sleepnevr> ok

<LintODeth> Red: we won't be released before christmas. a MP-aimed title like TF requires extensive network testing, and we're not going to release it until we're certain its balanced

<|[Xp3rT]|> :)

<sleepnevr> people, please be quiet for a moment

<sleepnevr> please

<|[Xp3rT]|> roger that!!! :)

<sleepnevr> narc you ready?

<|sNeAk|> has sierra always been supportive of your decision to delay the game? the game slipped exactly a YEAR after its initial proposed release date

<{UC}Narc> sleep, can I start asking the real questions now?

<autolycus> my sister got bit by a moose once

<sleepnevr> yes

<{UC}Narc> okaly doakly neighborinos

<Dario> Driller's flying us

<sleepnevr> narc has a long list of questions to ask

* HarryT slaps auto

<Dario> he's an ace

<autolycus> hey, gabe started it :)

<sleepnevr> so everyone else be quiet for a while

<sleepnevr> :)

<sleepnevr> please

<DeAdWaStE> blo

<ph0s> isn't it m00se?

<DeAdWaStE> bla

<Dario> Just dont ask Yahn to take you for a drive in his car....


<{UC}Narc> How many days does HL take place in

<{UC}Narc> errr

<{UC}Narc> How many days does HL take place in

<Onnatop> What about llamas?

<NitroLurk> i swear to god.. i'll start shooting animal hostages if people dont stop stressing me out

<GabeN> Yes. Half-Life will be the best selling title for Sierra ever, and they've recognized from the beginning that getting it right was more important than what quarter it was released in. Scott Lynch really deserves a lot of credit for that.

<|Groove|> hahaha

<Yahn> the tires never left the pavement... never

<Ma|ky> ok, let them answer ONE question at a time

<{UC}Narc> How many days does HL take place in

<HarryT> Sierra has been extremely supportive of Valve through all of the delays. Very little pressure on us at all. Why, it's been literally *days* since I saw Little Tony or Vinnie the Pick around the offices, asking about our progress

party! -- please be quiet, narc has a bunch of community-submitted questions to ask now'

<Tagus> Dario has no room to talk when it comes to driving.

<Yahn> Harry's art actually got better with less fingers... go figure

<HarryT> heh

<Onnatop> Half-Life takes place over the course of 4 days, divided into 4 "acts" with multiple chapters

<|sNeAk|> ok, half-life should eb in stores across norht america ny as early as next week ...when should europe, australia, asia, etc expect it?

<GabeN> 5 days, but it's kinda hard to tell.

<|[Xp3rT]|> (might wanna say that in the room too sleep, not just in the topic. Make it bold colors or something :)

<Cleoric> Is Half-Life going to be a beta like SiN? Or is why they rushed SiN out the door was to beat HL out?

<{UC}Narc> Are there day and night cycles?

<ChuckJ> ouch

<|[Xp3rT]|> <sleepnevr>: please be quiet, narc has a bunch of community-submitted questions to ask now

<Perlandra> btw f0de, I know Choryoth's fav. cheese. it's pepperjack :P

<Choryoth> perelandra: hey wow, how did you know?

<GabeN> International English is about 3 days behind the US. The translations are between 1-4 weeks behind the international English version.

<Perlandra> Choryoth: errr because Jamie and i made sammiches for you :)

<Perlandra> you don't remember. no appreciation ;)

<{UC}Narc> hmmmm, who killed the Valve guys?

<ph0s> from |Trigger|: Is there any set release date for half-life in asia/pacific

<{UC}Narc> I think the alcohol finally kicked in

<Onnasgirl> <MrBlack> Gabe, what do you think of the 3rd party TCs and Mods that are currently in the making (take Gunman for example ;)

<HellPhish> we did

<Choryoth> I'm here. Fire questions.

<Ma|ky> Did you improve the lip synching? to include some movement of the upper jaw?

<{UC}Narc> Are there day and night cycles?

<RocketMag> One last question until Narc starts spilling his guts... Is the Panthereye still in the game???

<HarryT> RocketMag: the panthereye is not in the game

<NitroLurk> malk.. the upper jaw doesnt move on a human being

<|sNeAk|> harry: darn, i thought the panthereye kicked ass

<Borg[]> nooooo

<LintODeth> what the hell's an upper jaw?

<FinalThri> hahaha

<PDC_Blitz> heh

<HarryT> Narc: there is day and night, but they don't dynamically change within the scene

<RocketMag> What? No! THe panthereye was so damn evil! I can't believe you took it out. =(

<Yahn> lint, it's called "rest of head"

<LintODeth> haha

<|[Xp3rT]|> are we suppose to be quite yet? *smile*

<Ma|ky> no nitro, BUT when you move your lower jaw your top of your mouth moves when your head tilts back

<DErAileD> <SandScorp>"Will the pre-Orders from Sierra be shipped at the same time as the Store orders? Or will the stores come first?"

<Dario> Tagus is just mad that I beat him off those lights that day!

<NitroLurk> um

<NitroLurk> no

<Avatar> do you remember muppets? on some of them, ONLY the "upper jaw" moved.. its quite hard to do. Try it.

<SvenVikng> <not to Valve> If anyone has a log, could they message me thanks?

<NitroLurk> just the lips

<NitroLurk> =\

<Choryoth> btw: for those of you who have not seen Michael Houston's latest Dank & Scud, check out: http://www.quakecomics.qc.ca/issues/issue6/page01.asp

<Tagus> Dario: rematch?

<NitroLurk> Choryoth: not that url again, AHH!

<NitroLurk> nightmare!!

<NitroLurk> ahhh!!

<RocketMag> Choryoth, I'm loading that right now.

<|sNeAk|> i saw that, was gonna post it on halflfie.net right after this thing was over :)

<Borg[]> <*Nightmarz> I've heard that you can easily make your own models in 3d max 2 and align them to player movements, can you please fill us in with details on this?*

<|sNeAk|> halflife.net even </plug>

<PDC_Blitz> Aww, god. Love D + S.

<Ma|ky> Can you give us any examples of memberable experiences during the game?

<NitroLurk> |sNeAk|: shameless bastard :P

<Brett_J> Its a great D+S issue

<DErAileD> I've been too busy to post news.....

<DErAileD> Been designing a site :-P

<|Groove|> okay nuf of the adds guys..

<sleepnevr> please

<sleepnevr> be quiet!

<sleepnevr> >:/

<|[Xp3rT]|> shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


<HarryT> Nightmarz: we will be providing folks with all the player model data, so you can build your own character model to skin onto the player skeleton

<LintODeth> Malky: I'll never forget the first time I got killed by a grenade dropped by a retreating grunt... damn them varbints!

<RocketMag> So we can get our weeping out of the way, can you give us a complete list of all the monsters and enemies that were cut from HAlf-Life?

<RocketMag> It would be appreciated greatly.

<Ma|ky> Are there _any_ female scientists?

<|[Xp3rT]|> oh great

<|sNeAk|> harry: were you guys serious about headcrab hats? please tell me its true :)

<Cleoric> (the[rock])What are the different kinds of MP being packeged with HL?

<|[Xp3rT]|> ya scared him off guys!

<|[Xp3rT]|> :)

<HarryT> It's really pretty easy, Chuck and Theo and Doug have been tearing it up with player models

<|sNeAk|> and will there be any other hl merchandise gonna be available?

<PDC_Blitz> Probably clumsy old me. Can't wait to see the chat logs on the news sites tomorrow. :)

<|Groove|> <BiShPoINs> will light entities be activatable in multiplayer?

<NitroLurk> blitz =\

<Choryoth> ma|ky I can tell you a memorable experience that happened that ISN't in the game. Once, a feature wasn't fully implemented, so I was whistling a tune and making some breakable ceiling tiles in one of the office levels. I compiled, loaded it up, and started walking around to test it.. I looked up, fired a round into the ceiling, and it broke. I then let out an ear piercing scream - dario and dave came running over to ask me what had happened.

<Choryoth> anyway, it was total brown trowser time.

<{UC}Narc> <Mon-Grizz> When should the press be receiving review copies

<RocketMag> Is the gargantua still in Half-Life??????

<|sNeAk|> hehe john

<{UC}Narc> rofl

<Choryoth> I think that's the most i've ever been scared in a game.

<Ma|ky> hehhe

<ph0s> Choryoth: are you mental?

<HarryT> RocketMag: monsters in old screenshots aren't nearly so important as the cool monsters that are actually in the game. if a monster isn't in the game, it's because there's another monster that is far more interesting and fun from a gameplay point of view that is in there as a replacement.

<LintODeth> rocketmag: yup... and the first time you see that big boy, you'll fear

<Choryoth> Rocketman - the Gargantua is in the game. You will know it when he hunts you.

<Brett_J> Headcrabs can scare the jell out of you if you're not expecting them

<Choryoth> ph0s: I was expecting ceiling tiles! Headcrab are scary little critters.

<Ma|ky> Do you get all the weapons only like 3 levels from the end or do you get alot of them real early?


<|[Xp3rT]|> thankyou tido :)

<Ma|ky> (are they very evenly distributed?)

<|sNeAk|> tido: congratulate

<LintODeth> pretty much everyone hates the headcrab... even by the end, you fear the little suckers

<Dario> Tagus - I'll rematch with you if we make lots of money and I can get a new car :)

<Ma|ky> also

<Yahn> tido14, thanks, we are all pretty excited

<ph0s> the babies are the worst.

<|sNeAk|> lint: i know ..i swear i jumped out fo my seat during my first encounter /w a headcrab

<NitroLurk> babies?

<NitroLurk> you mean there are...

<Choryoth> There are monsters far more terrifying than the headcrab.. like, where they come from.

<NitroLurk> bigger ones?

<Brett_J> dancing babies

<Ma|ky> 4Do you get all the weapons only like 3 levels from the end or do you get alot of them real early?

<}Dann{> aren't all headcrabs babies?

<NitroLurk> *cringe*

<RocketMag> Oh yeah! Are rats in the final version? I remember an ooooolllllddddd screenshot with one o' the little buggers sittin' on the floor... looked neat.

<Ma|ky> YES MAG

<sleepnevr> excuse me


<Ma|ky> 12 Is Xen about 1 third of the game?, or is it something much smaller?

<|[Xp3rT]|> Rocket: rats are in the OEM

<Ma|ky> *Parias* Q: Any advice for teens with plans to become millionare programmers?

<DeAdWaStE> ok

<Ma|ky> 10 I know there will be CO-OP single play, but what about teams in DM? Is it fully utilized and easy to set up or what?

<|[Xp3rT]|> bye

<Cleoric> the[rock] - What are the different types of MP in the packeged version of HL?

<FinalThri> <[cM]Sid> Will there be sprite based animation any where in the game?

<Choryoth> parias: don't deliver pizza. Go to school. ;)

<Yahn> malky, become millionaires and then learn to program

<ph0s> Go to school.

<{UC}Narc> bwhahahaha

<DErAileD> Ma|ky : stop with the colors

<Ma|ky> What is the secondary fire mode of the laser traps and the alien hand?

<|[Xp3rT]|> ah, the "s" word.....

<DErAileD> Just do bold

<|Groove|> <BiShPoINs> will light entities be activatable in multiplayer?

<|Groove|> sorry to ask again..

<Yahn> cmsid, there are some sprites in the game, esp. animated ones. They actually are used to render some pretty cool effects.

<LintODeth> groove: yep

<RocketMag> <Nightmarz> Ask this please: Can you please tell us some wacky ideas that never made it into the game?

<Brett_J> I dont understand the "activate" part of that question

<|Groove|> like light switches

<ChuckJ> Finalthri: Lot's of the special effects are sprite based.


<Ma|ky> are there dynamic lights in multi he means

<Choryoth> finalThri: There are sprites in the game. You'll see them in the form of projectiles (from monsters), lenticular halos (on lights), etc. Once you folks start monkeying with Worldcraft you'll have a lot of fun with sprites. You can specify if they glow, flicker, pulse, what color they are, how big they are, etc.

<HarryT> Groove: you can have light switches in dm if you want

<{UC}Narc> let me please ask these questions and THEN you guys can do yours

<sleepnevr> ok

<|Groove|> thanks

<sleepnevr> i hate to say this

<Ma|ky> do crossbow bolts stick out of opponents?

<sleepnevr> don't make me start removing w access and deopping

<sleepnevr> i mean it... BE QUIET

<HarryT> It's especially fun combining sprites with our completely cool beam effects

<Brett_J> sure, dynamic lights are fully functional in MP.

<FinalThri> <[cM]Sid> Will Multiplayer have the same feel as quake2 or entirely new in yer opinion? (duhhh)

<Choryoth> groove: do you mean switchable light styles? Sure. You can make lights turn off. Half-Life has dynamic and switchable lights.

<sleepnevr> let narc ask the questions for now

<HarryT> beam effects rule

<|sNeAk|> i thought the explosions looked great. they're sprites but look much better than the polygons in quake2

<{UC}Narc> Is there any system of equilization in halflife for multiplayer games, so that ping is not an unfair advantage?

<sleepnevr> he has a bunch of questions submitted to him earlier from people in the room

<Brett_J> env_bean

<ph0s> Robin will come to the houses of bad players, and take over for a couple hours at a time.

<HarryT> Narc: we've designed several weapons that help HPBs compete in a net game.

<Choryoth> narc: THere are console variables that can simulate lag, so I guess that could be used to match ping times.

<sleepnevr> I'm getting messages about narc's questions... please every be quiet and let him ask them!!!!!!

<sleepnevr> he rrepresents the people without voice

<ph0s> and I will go to the houses of good players.

<sleepnevr> so please let him ask

<Yahn> ucnarc, there is no current "penalty" for having a fast connection. We try to not put modem players on connections populated by lpbs, but you have to pick your servers with care, of course

<LintODeth> narc: we've also got maps made which accomodate high ping players... smarter, more tactical players can rule them

<|Groove|> narc: just ask them now..

<Choryoth> narc: the nice thing is some of the weapons are made for internet latency.

<Belgand> how great a role will TF2 have on HL? do you expect it to take the palce of your (DM) mutli-play?

<{UC}Narc> can light sources be destroyed?

<{UC}Narc> Is there a sniper-scope or laser sight on the magnum

<LintODeth> Belgand: TF is a different multiplayer experience than HL MP... they're two different games

<Brett_J> Narc, its very easy to make your lights destructible

<HarryT> For those of you interested in mods, we have a lot of cool things we're setting up for you

<|sNeAk|> oh, hiya thanos, didn't see ya

<DErAileD> Yes

<Choryoth> someone asked if there was a wacky idea that didn't make it into the game. There was a neat bug that Wedge showed me that made barney grow to about 30 feet tall when he was shot. That was pretty wacky. It gave me all kinds of ideas for a mod. ;)

<|sNeAk|> hehe

<{UC}Narc> Will Half-Life have patches that oddly raise the ping of TCP/IP play, like in Quake 2?

<DErAileD> Sniper scope....

<Brett_J> lo' sneak

<HarryT> My major responsibility right now is to support the mod community, with technical help and resources to make your job easier

<LintODeth> Narc: yep, the magnum uses a laser sight

<{UC}Narc> Is the blood effect(not on the wall)still the same as the OEM,I mean with only a few round red spots coming out of enemies

<Choryoth> narc: the magnum also has a 2X zoom. It's good for head shots.

<BowDown> Question: Is there a 2fort4 for TF2? ;)

<Choryoth> narc: the blood effects have changed since the OEM. So are the effects when the bullets strike surfaces. You'll see 'em soon.

<sleepnevr> quiet =/

<HarryT> We're putting together an SDK for people who want to make add-ons for Half-Life, which example files, source code, and tutorials to help you out

<{UC}Narc> is it true that pain skins won't be included

<FinalThri> <[cM]Sid> will ANY consumer have ANY chance of outfragging ANYone at valve

<ph0s> anyone can outfrag me.

<ph0s> even Mike.

<Brett_J> Sid...if you play against Ken or Tagus, sure

<LintODeth> Bow: there is no port of 2fort. but, the gameplay of 2fort is too good to ignore.

<FinalThri> hahaha

<{UC}Narc> If the security relies on a cd check verified by the net, what about

<ChuckJ> Concerning add-ons, making new DM charcters will be possible..."Too much coffee-man" is one....

<{UC}Narc> How "tight" is player control compared to Q1 or Q2??

<Yahn> finalthri, you can all kill me. I'm not very good

<Yahn> hehe

<|sNeAk|> hehe brett

<sleepnevr> ?

<Yahn> ucnarc, please rephrase the question?

<NitroLurk> woops

<sleepnevr> =P

<HarryT> Making decals and deathmatch models for Half-Life should be easy first things for people to have fun with, and we're making it as easy as possible for folks who want to try

<|sNeAk|> yahn: i think he means mouse frequency

<{UC}Narc> which one?

<LintODeth> wes kills us all with his sucky music though

<|Groove|> <BiShPoINs> ive seen screenshots that have blood spurting out of enemies that get shot, is that still in?

<ChuckJ> It's VERY MESSY when enemies get shot :)

<}Dann{> Do decals wrap around models or do they only affect map brushes

<ph0s> Don't even step...

<ph0s> I'll waste ya!

<Brett_J> and Lint about killed us all with his musk flavored candy

<ChuckJ> Lot'sa "chunky bits"

<HarryT> Groove: Half-Life has all your blood needs taken care of...

<ph0s> I'll get bigger speakers...

<{UC}Narc> When should the press receive their review copies of Half-Life?

<Yahn> sneak, ok, input sampling is not the issue. Our feel is more like QW, we do not have the interpolation "control lag" that people perceive when playing Q2 (not that it's not related to mouse frequency at all.. sigh)

<|Groove|> hehe

<|sNeAk|> when will the halflife multiplayer server/client will be released?

<ChuckJ> Dann: decals don't spray on models but will spray on 99% of the environment

<}Dann{> ok, thanks

<{UC}Narc> Does Half-Life contain a (deathmatch)bot, like Unreal?

<Yahn> dann, decals are amazingly cool

<Brett_J> The decals are going to be great for leaving your mark in a level

<ChuckJ> Yes, the decals rock, nothing like looking at a level after a big fight! :)\

<|Groove|> ouu im just full of questions tonight, How will the use serial numbers affect servers at lan partys

<}Dann{> can't wait, got plrnty ready

<}Dann{> er plenty

<Choryoth> Half-Life does not have a 'bot' but I personally have a lot more fun playing against the human grunts in the single player levels. grunts with grenade launchers, shotguns, and mp5s - they're pretty challenging. and they work together.

<LintODeth> Narc: bots are boring compared to fighting a squad or two of grunts

<}Dann{> <Goalie> Will clans/squads be able to paste their own skins on gordan's body?

<Jay_SM2k> Be sure to make your own custom logo to spary on the walls when you play! It's just a .BMP file that you copy into the logos directory.

<LintODeth> Feel the Lint!

<|Groove|> <MeFFanE> i was thinking, if you need to have a serial for multi, what about us people with our private lan-partys, are we screwed?

<|sNeAk|> jay: the decals must be monochrome right?

<Choryoth> dann: you will not be able to decal models, but you can have a model for every member in the clan with personalized skins, tatoos, etc.

<|Groove|> heh

<{UC}Narc> Will bindings be available for heavy control customization, or just through the control options menu?

<ph0s> It was dark!

<HarryT> we also made it far easier to include your decal in the game than how it was initially planned out. If you read the tutorial at Wavelength, it was pretty complicated, but we've simplified it a great deal: paint a decal in greyscale, and put it in the logos directory. It shows up in your multiplayer configuration setup automagically.

<ChuckJ> Decals must be greyscale in color

<ChuckJ> er, in color, I mean B&W :0\

<}Dann{> nice, and also is the color in the palette only a default, that can be changed, as shown in a recent screenshot of a menu

<Choryoth> dann: one of things that will be added to Team Fortress 2 is decals on models. You'll be able to add a clan logo to your model. As well as customize your 'spraypaint' decal.

<|sNeAk|> chuck: but you can then change the hue?

<Brett_J> Someone here even used a Mr T decal once...looked awesome

<Jay_SM2k> Yes, you can change the hue to a bunch of different colors...

<Yahn> ucnarc, power users can do more with bindings than we do in the menus. Key bindings that are done at the console are conserved in your settings, so all should be well

<HarryT> sneak: you can make it appear in whatever color you want

<{UC}Narc> Will there be naitive modem support or will me and my friends have to fake a lan over DUN like we do with Q2?

<LintODeth> Dario used to have a custom decal that was just a picture of him... we all ran around machinegunning mustaches onto him

<HarryT> the rash of dario decals that swept through valve has mercifully subsided....

<|sNeAk|> haha robin

<sleepnevr> hehehe

<Jay_SM2k> Yes. We were all sparying Dario's digitized face on the walls everywhere :)

<Onnatop> One time everyone in the game was spraying Dario's face all over a level

<{UC}Narc> How do the decals work? Do you downlaod them once and store them in a folder?

<ph0s> Robin's just admitted that my music is catchy, and he can't stop tapping his foot.

<ph0s> Victory!

<Choryoth> yahn: can you explain the resource propagation?

<|Groove|> <MeFFanE> DECALS!! now that ive got yer attention... If we need a serial for multiplayer, what if i want to play among friends(over a lan) and not over the internet? Is it like quake2? or do i have to run a dedicated server?

<HarryT> Narc: if someone joins a game with a custom decal, it downloads to you automatically (unless you don't want it to)

<|Groove|> hehe

<ChuckJ> Sneak: when you say Hue, I think of color, which you can choose inside the game

<{UC}Narc> k

<}Dann{> <\PitViper> Has the use of skeletal animation caused problems with multi because of id's reliance on the set frames of their vertex keyed characters?

<|sNeAk|> will we still be able to use custim faces in dm? and if so, are there and valve guys you can play as? :)

<FinalThri> <[cM]Sev> Will decals stay in a server after you leave?

<LintODeth> elevator music is catchy too

<HarryT> if it does download, you have it for the next time you see them. They're really small, you can't notice a change in framerate at all

<ph0s> only if you're autrailian.

<Choryoth> Decals are persistent. They do not go away.

<Choryoth> If you leave a server, they remain.

<sleepnevr> please people! let narc finish before you ask questions, there will be time for that later

<sleepnevr> :)

<|sNeAk|> what if you join a game in progress? will the decals be there?

<Onnatop> If you are playing on a lan, the only requirement is a CD in the drive of 1 computer for every 5

<|sNeAk|> sorry sleep :)

<sleepnevr> :)

<|Groove|> well, i guess if i ask a few times, and i get no respons u dont want to answer then..

<RuNab0uT> ask this, if a user should see a customized decal, it should be like on every other persons on the server too??? like models in q2 should be on everyone could see it rather than the default?

<Nightmarz> How does one take over a rocket in mid-air? Do you just aim your launcher at it with the laser?

<{UC}Narc> Is the final build of HalfLife much different to the OEM build in terms of graphics performance? Ie tweaks to the engine to make it faster?

<Yahn> finalth, decals stay for a bit (in opengl, they disappear when you leave) in software

<Yahn> nightm, yes

<Perlandra> <[703]> For the average player, how many hours of game play will be required to finish Half-Life? (over halflife's 4day single player period). And How many polygon are the characters in single player? Will there be adjustible detail settings (other then resolution to suit the range of speed of computers)

<ChuckJ> Sneak: When you start a level it is clean, you start viewing decals from then on.

<Ma|ky> notice, that many of the valve people have left, gabe newell even....... this really sucks people, =/ i thought we would get answers tonight =/

<|sNeAk|> how big (file size) will the average decal be? also, up to how many pixels?

<{UC}Narc> malk, we did

<{UC}Narc> except it's all hidden

<HarryT> RuN: if you choose not to download custom decals, you'll see a generic one when someone paints their custom one

<{UC}Narc> once you see the edited logs...

<RuNab0uT> oh thx harry

<ChuckJ> Sneak: cecals are 32x32, 64x64 which work the best for retaining details

<NitroLurk> malk, stop acting like a total dipstick.. we've gotten plenty of answers

<Ma|ky> =/

<ChuckJ> sneak: er...decals

<{UC}Narc> Is the final build of HalfLife much different to the OEM build in terms of graphics performance? Ie tweaks to the engine to make it faster?

<Nightmarz> Can't wait to made a grayscale decal of my cat "Nightmare"

<Perlandra> malky: we did get answers. heh

<FinalThri> malky, what is your deal.

<Choryoth> ma|ky we're still here. Gabe spent over an hour in here :)

<sleepnevr> yeah

<Ma|ky> GabeN left, you all scared um' off =/

<Jay_SM2k> groove: 5 can play on a LAN with a single CD

<NitroLurk> malk.. if you've got a problem with this channel you can leave at any time you know

<{UC}Narc> Is Half Life still a rumor for the Dreamcast?

<Onnatop> GabeN had other pressing matters to deal with

<|sNeAk|> ok ...say you have a laser tip mine and you set it ...what if anotehr player is enar one, but a different player shoots the mine and it blows up ...who gets the kill? the guy who shot the mine or the person who set it?

<}Dann{> Valve could be out celebrating but they're here for us, so pay some respect

<LintODeth> sneak: the guy who shot the mine, of course

<Choryoth> sneak: whoever sets it off first.

<Onnatop> Ma|ky: You can spray a decal once every 30 seconds.

<HarryT> The guy who triggered the tripmine gets the kill

<|sNeAk|> oh yeah ...half-life being ported to console? what was that all about? rumours?

<HarryT> Ma|ky: or when you get a frag

<PDC_Blitz> God, I still feel horrible that I hit the wrong button. I mean, the guys from Valve are my HEROES. I've dedicated the past year and a half to Half-Life, and what do I do with my oppertunity? Kick the co-founder of the company I love so much right outta the room. :P

<Choryoth> sneak: it's a pretty common tactic to place a trip mine near a high traffic place, and use the glock rapid fire to take it out when someone is crouching to go past it.

<{UC}Narc> Are there going to be more responses from security guards/scientists I've heard that they are limitted to only 3or 4 phrases in the OEMAre there going to be more responses from security guards/scientists I've heard that they are limitted to only 3or 4 phrases in the OEM

<Jay_SM2k> narc: No console versions have been announced

<HarryT> Narc: our favorite thing about the game (well, one of our favorite things about the game) are all the conversations that guards and scientists can have amongst themselves. there are a ton of things they say.

<{UC}Narc> ok, last question from me I think

<NitroLurk> uh

<HarryT> shoot

<{UC}Narc> What elements of multiplayer halflife refresh us from the boring lack of strategy in deathmatch

<NitroLurk> wtf was that?

<LintODeth> I once collected 5 guards and 4 scientists... they wouldn't shaddup

<sleepnevr> jon

<sleepnevr> please

<SvenVikng> If some1's killed by a train, or by falling Bcos some1 shot them, does the person who started the train/person who caused them to fall get a frag?

<NitroLurk> okay okay

<Choryoth> Narc: The NPCs in the game have a pretty large vocabulary, in addition to custom sentences that certain NPCs have. There is a text file that half-life uses to construct the sentences, so for instance with grunts you can make them say YOU! ARE! DEAD! FREEMAN and they'll use that taunt when they see you.

<ChuckJ> Cool, lot's of Texans in here! ;)

<SvenVikng> oops

<SvenVikng> sorry, didn't mean to send that yet

<sleepnevr> ok

<LintODeth> narc: we've worked specifically on creating more strategy in MP... in most DM games the choices of weapon you use depends mainly on the weapons you've got

<Jay_SM2k> sven: No, you only get frags for fairly direct kills.

<Onnatop> Here's an example of a MP scenario: If another person plants a trip-mine, and you shoot the mine causing it to blow up and kill someone, you get the point for it.

<{UC}Narc> Ok, it's free question time now, I am done

<SvenVikng> Jay_SM2k: OK, thanks.

<{UC}Narc> I will NOT ask anymore questions, I'm tired

<LintODeth> in HL we've made sure that the best weapon for you to use depends on the weapon they enemy's using against you, and the terrain you're in

<Choryoth> narc: as far as the vocabulary goes, there are hundreds of individual words that can be strung together to form sentences.

<SvenVikng> Wahoo! :)

<|Groove|> onna: is that 5 computers to 1 cd ratio cumilitve, so like if u have 3 cds u can have 15 people playing in one big game?

<SvenVikng> Now I've forgotten all my questions :(

<SvenVikng> ;)

<HarryT> Narc: there's a tremendous amount of strategy in HL DM. we're still finding new uses for the weapons, and new ways to make use of the various weapon characteristics

<LintODeth> in all situations there's a weapon or two that easily outperform the rest... but those weapons are rarely good in other situations

<|sNeAk|> <Onnatop> Here's an example of a MP scenario: If another person plants a trip-mine, and you shoot the mine causing it to blow up and kill someone, you get the point for it. <<<-- i asked that and choryoth said the opposite said

<SvenVikng>What sort of stuff will the free multiplayer demo-like thing have? E.g. all weapons/half weapons? All maps/half maps?

<LintODeth> for example... the hivehand fires slowly, does little damage, but almost always hits an enemy who's in your sight.. it'll take you a while to kill him, so its best for you to keep a good distance and let the hornets take him down.

<{UC}Narc> yep

<Jay_SM2k> groove: Yes. that's fine. Only on a LAN, though. On an internet game, all clients must be unique

<HarryT> sneak: john said the same thing as onnatop

<sleepnevr> oh my bad

<sleepnevr> I'm sorry


<|Groove|> cool, thanks

<LintODeth> but, if the enemy is a smart guy, he knows the hivehard wears you down, but is slow and inaccurate at closer ranges. So, the enemy guy should pull out a shotgun, or similar close combat weapon, and get closer too him, and fast

<Jay_SM2k> sven: The multiplayer thing is for people who will run Half-Life servers. It's limited to a certain number of people.

<sleepnevr> =P

<GuidoJ> Hellface: How is your newest map going? What can you tell us about it?

<sleepnevr> I'm just trying to run this effectively

<sleepnevr> :)

<SvenVikng> Jay_SM2k: Oh, OK, for testing purposes?

<Ma|ky> thanks, i will only ask good q's

<Choryoth> I'm heading out folks. Thanks very much for coming by. Half-Life will be in stores soon so the wait is almost over.

<RuNab0uT> cya

<|sNeAk|> i don't know if this was answered yet or not ...will there be a point release with dm maps or dm variants?

<|sNeAk|> later john

<RuNab0uT> thx fer coming guys!!!

<Choryoth> I'm going to pester Wedge and see if he and I can resurrect a few of the old quake patches we never finished and release them as Half-LIfe mods.

<}Dann{> Will transparency be supported in Worldcraft? 3D accelerator?

<|Groove|> cay Choryoth

<|Groove|> cya

<Yahn> I have to go too. Thanks to all of our fans.

<Choryoth> That should be pretty fun.

<SvenVikng> Like Tron and Joust?

<Choryoth> <nod>

<sleepnevr> thank you, bye

<sleepnevr> :)

<Biggs> When will Half-Life be in stores?

<|Groove|> thank u all for coming by

<Borg[]> bye...

<sleepnevr> half-life will rule

<SvenVikng> VALVe:is Half-life MP as intense as it seems from the shots we seen a couple of days ago ? looks like Albert Enstien on crack running around shooting at you lol

<Jay_SM2k> sven: Those people will make sure we have lots of Half-Life servers running right away. So more people can play online immediately.

<HarryT> biggs: as early as next week

<SvenVikng> (that's from Malice)

<HellPhish> bye john

<Choryoth> g'night. I'll try real hard to update hocopus (http://www.valvesoftware.com/hocopus) when we get back from Mexico. I'm sure we'll have a lot of good stories.

<Choryoth> Wedge was eaten by a man-o-war last time he went, so .. who knows what will happen to him this time.

<SvenVikng> Jay_SM2k: OK, thanks

<|sNeAk|> hehe, take pics

<Choryoth> cya!

<Choryoth> i'll take pics.

<auto|ycus> transparency isn't supported in wc 2.0. Direct3d acceleration is support ... which is quite apparent on a g200

<LintODeth> Sven: sure is... you'll know true fear when the first crowbar-wielding, bespectacled scientist runs at you :)

<sleepnevr> d, all games should be purely sound based. You all taste like monkeys."

<HarryT> Sven: Half-Life MP is far more intense than a screenshot can convey

<Biggs> [HarryT] Which stores will get in first?

<Jay_SM2k> Biggs: As fast as they can get it there. It's out of our hands at this point. It's being manufactured. Hopefully you can get it next week!

<sleepnevr> S0CRATIC: I'm crashing the party, but I'm too lazy to actually load up MIRC. Just tell the chanell people that I say: "Half life sucks. There is no game better than Puzzle Bobble, Puzzle Bobble forever man. Valve is evil. I hate good AI. Cutscenes suck, no more stories. Graphics are bad, all games should be purely sound based. You all taste like monkeys."

<sleepnevr> =P

<HarryT> whatever

<ChuckJ> I'm out, mus' get food so stomach will shut up! Thanks for the support!

<|Groove|> umm okay........

<sleepnevr> :P

<HellPhish> lol

<}Dann{> thanks for coming

<HarryT> gotta go myself. I'm a dad now, I can't stay out late.

<RuNab0uT> thx fer coming guys!!!

<sleepnevr> yes thank you for coming

<{UC}Narc> THANX for coming guys!

*** sleepnevr changes topic to 'valve -- thanks for coming'

<|Groove|> thanks to all you valve workers for making such a great game

<HarryT> have fun folks. we can't wait for you to play the game, and hear your reactions.

<sleepnevr> we want hl2!!! =D

<sleepnevr> soon

<|Groove|> its over dudes

<|Groove|> no more questions =P

<Borg[]> thx for coming guyz!

<LintODeth> later all! see you on a HL server... Feel The Lint!