This puny little crowbar is what you sart out the game with. You probably want a better weapon than this because hardly any body wants to go after a huge Alien Grunt or a 3-story tall Tentacle with a crowbar. You have two choices: either beat a guard to death with it, which would probably be more fun, or do the practical thing and pry stuff open like boxes or crates.

Ok, now you have a real weapon, a pistol. Now remember - this is a handgun, not a bazooka. So, don't go running into a room with 10 heavily armed guys firing away with your pistol. It's not gonna work - maybe in Quake, but not in Half-Life. You also need to be smart with the pistol. Make your shots count, because you are gonna have to reload sometime, and when you do, and your just standing there in the open.......WHAMMO!, look at the nice blood red screen mommy.

Now you're a fighter, with your dangerous mp-5. It's time to gib some feaks of nature. The mp-5 is a enlargened pistol, but just faster, more dangerous, and cooler. The bad guys may just leave you alone, after that they've learned that you just pumped 50 rounds into their deer friend, the Alien Grunt.

More coming soon......