Questions and Answers

What can be provided?

  • Basic to advanced website design and maintenance.
  • Custom graphics to make your site unique.
  • Scripting to enhance interactivity, or just spice up content.
  • Macromedia © Shockwave Flash, which adds interactivity and animation without the long download times of traditional animation.

What will my website design be like?

Your website can be anything that you can imagine. There are some limitations to arrangement of text and images, but most can be overcome with a few tricks.

I also design each page with compatiblity in mind. Some pages have beautiful layouts but will only show up on the latest web browsers which not everyone may have. I try to make each page look nice on lower browsers and then if I can, I may try to enhance it so if someone does have a newer browser, they will have a better experience.

How much imaging can you do?

Using a combination of Adobe© Photoshop and Jasc Inc. Paint Shop Pro, I can create graphics ranging from logos, to simple backgrounds or borders. Time to create each image varies greatly and I will consult you beforehand if I think it will take a large amount of time.

What is scripting?

Scripting is a way to add a little bit of dynamics or interactivity to your site. It can range from having a simple random message/message of the day, to a working clock embedded into the page, to a menu that changes images when the mouse cursor passes over it.


What is Macromedia © Shockwave Flash?

Flash is a way to incorporate simple animation into your website without the enormous waits that other traditional animations might have. An addition to animations, it can be used to create buttons for a menu for example, or create a scrolling text banner with important information that will catch a viewer's eye.

Note: You, as well as your viewers, will need the Shockwave Flash plugin which is a small download available at Netscape 4.5 includes these files.

How much time does each take you to work on?

In order from least amount of time to greatest:
  • Maintenance and updating - If you just need some data changed, it can be done quickly and at a low cost to you.
  • Images - Although some imaging can take longer than other, most do not take more than an hour, and usually I can get quite a few done within that time frame.
  • Shockwave Flash - Animation and scrollers do not take much time to create. Complex ones may take longer, but I will consult with you if I feel that this is the case.
  • Web design - An entire layout can take several hours to complete. I will give you an estimate before hand.
  • Scripting - Due to the nature of scripting, it can take quite a while to complete.

    How much do you charge?

    I charge $20/hour and fixed fees are available for larger jobs.