Well, if you clicked this link, you're probably in a state of dazed confusion and want someone, anyone to explain exactly what this is. Here goes.

It all started a long time ago with a kid and a camcorder. He filmed himself doing stuff. Then he decided to get his brother in the deal, and they did stuff together. They made up some stories and thought "hey, two people isn't enough!" so they got the brother's best friend to come over and got him involved. (Three Probably still isn't enough, but it's all we've got for now.) Together they made movies. The movies were bad, but they didn't know, so they kept doing it. Eventually, they took the whole thing more and more seriously, and the movies got better and better until good movies started coming out.

Then, the three kids got a new toy. A video capturing board for the computer. They said, "hey, we can use this!" and turned their movie-in-progress, Duct Wars, into something good, rather than something bad, which is what it was going to be. That's how it happened.

Okay, now you know why we do what we do. But the inspiration for Duct Wars lies deeper. Being fans of both Star Wars and Duct Tape (who isn't?), we decided to make Duct Wars, a combination of two good things (like mustard and pickles). The original movie was started when Chris and John were about 10 years old, and Dann was not involved. We got a few scenes done, including a spectacular space battle, and were about to begin the training scenes when there was an accident. John (a.k.a., "Camcorder Destroyer Extraordinaire") left the camcorder on a tripod on a hill to exchange Chris's unopened lightsaber (unpainted stick) for a lighted one (painted stick) while Chris held very still, as the Camcorder was off at the time. The Camcorder proceeded to fall. And break. So, six years, later, we started over, and Duct Wars: The Rebellion was born.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.