The Thombs' Home Page

Originating in Newport RI, USA: Home of Salve Regina University

Last updated: August 19, 1995

  1. Fall '95 Classes and Schedules
  2. Dr. Mike's Corner: Some Neat Things Found While Surfing the Net!
  3. Dann's Page: X-Men and Other Links
  4. Madge's Links: Interesting Geneology Web Sites
  5. Chris' Interests other than Skating Pairs with Kayla
  6. Chris Thombs and Kayla Freeborn Pair Skating WEB Page
  7. Amy's Stuff: Barbie, Disney, and Pocahontas
  8. Newport Style Architecture: Items that Helped us R&D our own Home
  9. Hobbes' Nest: This is the Cat! Links to other Cat Page
  10. The Graduate Extension Study Program at Salve Regina U.
Dr. Michael E. Thombs, Assistant Professor of Information Systems Science
Salve Regina University Newport, RI 02840 (401)847-6650X3115