The Segerberg Family

These are the people I think I can identify. Let me know what you think.
Sitting on the floor next to the dog - Åke
Sitting directly behind Åke - Malvina
Sitting on the floor on the left - Elna and Rolf
Two women standing on the left - Moster Olga and Brita Corona
Man reading on the left - ????
Elderly man and woman on the sofa in the back - could this be Cajsa and Fred Larsson - Malvina's parents?
Sitting next to Malvina - Folke
Standing behind Malvina - probably Gunnar and Eskil, but which is which?
Sitting next to Cajsa (?) - I don't know, but could this be Clara, Malvina's sister? She was married to the minister Helge Brolin (he was the one who performed the marriage ceremony for Johan August and Herte)
Sitting next to Folke - ???, but if the woman and man are the Brolins, possibly this is their son (they had one son).
I think this picture was taken around 1905 judging from Åke's age - he was born in 1893 and looks to be about 12 years old.