My Shelley Ancestors

Surnames: Adams, Bates, Beaumont, Birdsey, Bliss, Bow, Bradley, Bristol/Bristow, Bull, Camp, Chalker , Chapman, Cheemsley, Clark, Coe, Cooper, Dowd, Edward, Evarts, Everest, Garbrand, Garnett, Goodale , Griswold, Hatch, Hawley, Hooker, Hoskins, Hosmer, Hulins, Jose, Kirtland, Leaming, Mather, Meigs , Mitchell, Murray, Newell, Norton, Parsons, Pickett, Post, Pratt, Rogers, Starr, Shelley, Smith , Standley, Stone, Taylor, Vincent, Weld, Wells, White, Willard, Willet, Wingar, Woodward, Woulfe

Locations: Connecticut (Durham, Hartford, Guilford, Old Saybrook, Madison, Middletown), England, Scotland

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Eliza Janette Willard(1856-1938) born in Madison, CT and Ada born in Durham.

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