Karen Maloney's Skating School Presents

Junior Nationals / Junior Olympics Qualifiers
Representing New England,
Juvenile Open Pairs.

Celeste W. and Christopher T.

Chris and Celeste performed their Juvenile Open Pairs routine
at the New England Regionals, Simsbury CT, November 8, 1996. 1:15pm

The Olympic Training Center, Simsbury, CT.

While they were there, Victor Petrenko was kind enough to
let us take this photo of them together at The Olympic Training
Center, Simsbury, CT..
Thank you Victor!

Photo submitted to Junior Olympics Program Guide for 1997.

Chris skates with the Warwick FSC, Warwick, RI and
Celeste skates with the Skating Club of Natick, MA.

Chris and Celeste will attend and represent New England at
this year's Junior Nationals, that will be held at the Mighty Duck's
Disney Ice Skating Arena, Anaheim, California April 22, 1997.
Congratulations and Good Luck!
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