Assignment 2: Binary Numbers

- Draft

Original image, which is a jpg and very small, so once enlarged to 1500 pixels from 150 the quality was very low. So I started redrawing it to full scale.

3 hours later....

3 more hours later....

Then a photograph background, text and a bag-o-bits.

The entire grinder was created by placing a flat color in a new layer on top of the JPG picture and then using the Dodge/Burn tools to create the shades. The burlap bag had a canvas texture applied before going through the same process. The shadows were created by selecting the outline of the figure, filling it with black on a new layer, and setting the transparency to 33%. They were then distorted to face the right angle.

Some Blue to make the text appear better. And a few details added like the rust stains near the screws, hole in the bag, and varying shadow blur depending on distance and height.

The background was blurred towards the top to add contrast between the jars and the grinder. Blue border was redone and text was changed.

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