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Image of the Day   Tired of the typical 'Saving Private Ryan' missions, Valve throws in some alien borrcritters into the mix.
Submitted by Gabe Newhart
Chinky Wiggle term still unknown
PlanetQuake bankrupts
Monkey rage

   August 2, 1999
Chinky Wiggle term still unknown - Causing much uproar in the 'community', no one has figured out what Chinky Wiggle means. Coined by Dann 'I "work" for a living' Thombs, even he does not know the origination. Playboy stockholder PhishHed was caught mentioning "It is not unlike a Chinky Wiggler" but cause of this statement is also unknown. Grint - 10:46pm EST
PlanetQuake bankrupts - Finally after years of manipulation and innocent deaths, PlanetQuake bankrupts taking with it a legacy that will soon be forgotten. "Finally, there will be a chance to run a web site that won't be overshadowed." says some dude who runs some site. Grint - 7:12pm EST

   August 1, 1999
Monkey rage - Sick of the messy conditions in labs, an infinite amount of monkeys threw down their typewriters and quit. "%(*( you, you ^*%( piece of &%(&$$$$^" said one. "Shakespeare was illiterate anyway!" Grint - 8:32pm EST


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