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     July 19, 1999
'Grint" uttered in drunken rabble - In a drawn out but humourous drunken rabble. The Friendly Canadian, utters the word 'Grint'. Among other word uttered were: "i wanna have sex with aneliaaaaaaaaaaaa shess sooo cool", "midgets are so horny", "nitros cool,cause he makes out with trinity inmy yy dreams.ssssssssssssss", and "Justyou wait I willhack yo so abd your poobs with tigle". Police are looking into the matter. Grint - 10:46pm EST

Dann proclaimed king of the world - It was commonly known, but finally made official today at 5:34pm EST. As new ruler, Woodstock '99 will be relocated and/or repeated in Newport, Rhode Island, Speed traps will be eliminated and replaced with a more efficient 'suggested speed' system, immediate plans for a working railgun will be put into action and tested on people who start the wave at a baseball game and girls who don't shave. Grint - 7:12pm EST

   July 18, 1999
TeamFortress2 not out yet - Amist random rumours in the 'community', teamfortress2 is not out. We will camp outside Valve's HQ and throw cheesburgers at their windows in hopes that they will hurry up a bit. Grint - 8:32pm EST


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