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Story #4 at Twisted has been added by James again. A good read.

Haven Hosts

The Half-life Haven has hosted their first site. Here' what the hosted site has to say:
We a group of people gathered together via ICQ and this very web site in order to play Half-Life addon multiplayer levels with one another. Since the dedicated servers won't have anything to do with 3rd party levels, we have assembled in order to play ip games with the newest addons. We use ICQ as a means to communicate and organize games. Half-Life players have been blessed immensely with the great level editor, Worldcraft. For the splendid levels made with this powerful tool to go unplayed would be a crime. The point of HLMAG is simply standardization. With all members having the same levels, skins, and perhaps even mods, you can easily get a game going of the latest and greatest addon levels. HLMAG is not a squad, it is merely a large group of people joined together to play addon games....

-Dann - 3:07 P.M. EST

New Half-life site

There is a new Half-life dedicated site called Half-life down under, check it out...but come back afterwards. :)

Valve Preview...

I saw on Halflife.net that Cool from Voodooextreme had visited Valve and there will be a little preview on the game soon....
Included is a pic from Half-life you could get it here.

Job Openings

Halflife.org is looking for new staffers on their site.
Positions opened for: If you think you are qualified for them, then e-mail Impaler or check the site.

-Runabout - 11:50 A.M. EST

Planet Half-life

Planet Half-life is a new site dedicated to Half-life and will be hosting subsites and is also looking for people to run the main site as well. Not open yet but will be around the release of Half-life.

-Dann - 4:29 P.M. EST


I'm Runabout, who recently joined "The Daily Death" as a news updater and to help things up around here.

And VX Half-life now known as Halflife.org gets a new facelift, check it out!
There is a new TeamFortress site opened up, called TF2-Life. Check this one out too!

The Unknown Clan/squad also redesigned their site and they need 2 members more. So what are you waiting for...

-Runabout - 10:20 A.M. EST


There's a new Team Fortress Site up at Net Door called CF TF. Check it out.

RIYF has moved to The Daily...oh wait I already know that.
All this found on Half-life.net.

VX half-life has revived and is back in action.


Whee, Story #4 over at Twisted has been added to by James.

Story #5 has also been added to by Abevec, dealing with umm...I'll quote Twisted because I don't get paid for this:

a long, militaristic story that frequently changes focus on different squads throughout the story. The characters are seemingly disposable and most are just extras on a journey to their deaths. There is also one or two pretty gruesome deaths such as a giant magnet pulling a guy's stock of bullets up through his body

Help wanted

Twisted needs two gif's: 1) a 88x31 netscape now sized one and 2) a 468x60 banner. Preferably animated, low in size and zipped.

VX half-life needs a replacement for Soultaker as a news hound. (note to Soultaker: don't visit #half-life for a while).


Beat the crowd (if any) for getting a hosted site at Half-life.net. Go here for all the info. Keep in mind, that the site will not be up now but whenever half-life.net comes.

I'm an idiot

I've had the 16th of July stuck in the headlines for a few days, fixed now.

- 10:11 P.M. EST


Skarz.com has another one of those 'what game are you looking forward to' poll thingies, so go vote for Half-life. All this found on Half-life.net.


Organized Crime moved here to Gaming Alliance.

And a Team Fortress page has popped up called TF2-Life. All this found on Half-life.net.

- 10:01 P.M. EST


G.o.D. has their page up here

And Atomic Half-life has a poll about release dats of Half-life and how Unreal will fare to Half-life.
All this found on

- 10:01 P.M. EST

New Storys

So, I get inspired by the recent surge of writers and finally get something for Story #2. This is the one where Gordon is fat, and he and a co-guard, Charlie, see a scientist zombified and shot by the human grunts. I merged the story into the first one I did for Story #1, bu then I realized that then no one could add to Story #1 because it would all mirror the one I just did so, I had the main character from Story #1 mysteriously disappear. Go read it at Twisted Half-life.

E pa, Some anonymous guy wrote an addition to Story #3 Go read it at Twisted Half-life.

Our in-house homey, Mike, has started Story #4. Gordon is finally the center of the story and is the way he seems to be in the actual Half-life game. It's long, so you'll have something to do during work. Go read it at Twisted Half-life.

- 9:42 P.M. EST

New Story

Story #3, the swat team one, has been added to by Dre born, so read it.
Mike from here also wrote a forth story from the view of Gordon. Gotta read it.
Both found on Twisted Half-life.

- 7:12 A.M. EST

The Rocket Tube

A really cool new site dedicated to Half-life and Team Fortress2 weapons, called The Rocket Tube, is up here. Check it out.

- 4:28 P.M. EST


Someone faked Gabe's e-mil address and sent people a fake release date, but I seemed to miss all this, so either stick with the July 32nd date or visit the RIYF page for a java countdown til Half-life.

Crime..that's Organized

New DM group called Organized crime has started. Their page is here.


Twisted got a nice new custom wallpaper by PDC_Blitz the creator of stories 2 & 3. So check it out and add to the stories.


Soultaker from VX has left and joined the crew at sleepnever central.


Thanx to Half-life Haven, and Alien HQ for site mentions.

- 7:06 A.M. EST

Guardians of Darkness

A new Dm group has started. Whether they are clans, squads or guardians, I'm not sure; when the URL is available, I will post it. Here's the story they wrote:
We are the Guardians of Darkness, a group sent out to protect earth from the evil aliens of the universe, our clan consist of aliens and humans brought together by project GoD. You could say we are the "Men In Black" of the Half-Life universe. In other words we are your only line of defense; your lives are in our hands. A portal has opened between our two worlds. We call this portal the darkness. Help us fight the scum of the universe by joining forces with the Guardians of Darkness.

- 7:17 A.M. EST

Video mirrors

I mirrored the first two videos here (first | second). Should be faster for east siders.

- 2:57 P.M. EST

More thanx

More thanx goes out to sCary's Shuga Shack, Valveworld, and sNeAk from Halflife.net for great site mentions.

- 7:23 A.M. EST

HL101 01 Summer Session #2

Found over on the Breeding Grounds and a few others that the Half-life Haven has put up an info intro for new-comers to the half-life scene. Nice read.

- 8:40 P.M. EST

3rd movie

I have the third movie mirrored here. It's the one with alien grunts in the water containers. (4.7M)

- 4:36 P.M. EST

2 screens

Purified3d has gotten two exculsive screens up one of a barney in front of a zombie(of something) and another of two bullsquids um...fighting. So head on over and take a look.

3 movies

Twisted Half-life, one of the great new Half-life sites has gotten 3 new movies for our viewing pleasure. One of a headcrab in action, one of grunts in action and the third of the alien specimen containers. I still have yet to d/l them, I'll probably take a look Monday at work.
And while your there. Please read the stories and add something to them. One has to do with a fat gordon and his encounters with the grunts, and the other is about three scientists who enjoy soap operas, and are thrown into this whole mess.


Thanx goes out to Sleepnever Central and The Breeding Ground for a warm welcome back to the realm of the living.

- 9:30 A.M. EST

Release date

I know it is foolish to beleive that anyone would beleive a release date, but I got a reliable source to leak out that the Half life demo will be out on July 32, so not too much longer.

Old School

Many people have entered the Half-life scene since I left, so I'd like to re-post this interview with Ted Backman which introduces the alien controller and the kingpin, two characters that haven't been mentioned.

- 11:06 P.M. EST


We are honore to have the FIRST half-life clan/squad/army/thingy to reside here until half-life.net is up. Please visit them here

- 10:05 P.M. EST

Daily unDead

Okay, sNeAk from Halflife.net said "why dont you guys still update the daily death until half-life.net goes up?" So I am. Expect some more news later.

- 9:12 P.M. EST

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