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L i n k s
Half-life@Far2Cool -- A gaming site for Half-life. Is still maintained.

Salve Library -- My school's library page. Simple, but I only had notepad and LView 2.0 at my disposal.

L a y o u t s
Crowbar MOD -- A Layout I did for a Corwbar MOD for Half-life.

Far2Cool -- A Layout I designed for Far2Cool.com

Half-life.net 3 -- Yet another attempt to make Half-life.net a happy layout.

FLASHY!! -- A sample page I am constructing that will be only Flash 3.
Currently under construction.

I m a g e s
Quake 3 Arena UK -- A logo for quake3arena.co.uk, '70's style.
- JPG ~38K (High Res - ~134K)

Far2Cool Christmas Logo -- A variation on the standard logo, in a christmas theme.
- GIF ~22K

ElectroChitin Logo -- A 2Nacetylglucosemine molecule, being lit by lightning. Also the logo for the ElectroChitin division of the RIYF army.
- GIF ~14.5K

Crowbar Logo -- A scientist, holding a radiant crowbar.
- GIF ~32K

Psycho Pig News -- A parody of the BlueNews logo using the Psycho Pig.
- JPEG ~33.6K

F l a s h 3
RIYFCentral (~5.4K) -- A spinning, half-life/TFC/TF2 logo, and water ripples.

Quake3Arena.co.uk (~5.5K) -- A splash screen I did for quake3arena.co.uk, which may or may not be used once the site opens.

ElectroChitin Main (~56.9K) -- The rest of the site, which uses a 2Nacetylglucosemine molecule as a menu.

ElectroChitin Intro (~21.9K) -- An animation from a single Hydrogen atom to a bug, which then plays a video game.

Atomic Half-life menu (~11K) -- A menu I made for Atomic Half-life.

RIYF main page (~69K) -- A splash screen for RIYF.

RIYF menu 2 (~19.1K) -- The second menu I made for the first Half-life clan, this time white.

DDmenu (~28.5K) -- A compact menu I made for the same site.
Note: all links point to a frame called 'Main'

(c)1998-1999 by no real copyright, but this looks cool and makes people who look at it fast scared and think I'm professional.