News                                 §hadow çlan
Members                                    [§ç]
    No putdowns will be used against any fellow members. If a member constantly gives putdowns to fellow members that member will be suspended for a number of days which will be decided by Hurt and myself.

    ANY rules or decisions Hurt-M-Bad or I make will NOT be argued with. You MAY give your opinion and we may take that into consideration, but you will not tell us what to do! If any members tell me or Hurt how to do what we are doing they will be suspended.

    No members besides Hurt or  Jinx will make challenges to other clans. If a member wishes to make a challenge they will contact Hurt or Jinx and tell them. If either Hurt or Jinx agrees with the challenge the other clan will be challenged. Making any decisions without  Hurt or myself will result in suspension.

    Members may be in the best clan, [§ç] and no other clan. If we find out a member is in 2 clans at one time you will be banned from [§ç] and will then continue on with the other clan but never with us again.
    There will be NO cheating whatsoever. If you are found cheating by ANYONE and it is reported you will be immediately banned from [§ç]

    Ranks will be decided on the players ability in Quake. A members rank will also be  decided by his loyalty to the clan as in, staying active and being respectful to Hurt and me.

    One last rule. There will be no overcomming Hurt or Jinx. We are the leaders of this clan. You may achieve any rank under us but, you will NOT try to overcome us.

    Whenever a member of §hadow çlan is playing they must have there name with [§ç] in front of it. Example:  [§ç]Jinx  (if you dont know how to make the § or the ç contact Jinx and I will tell you how)