Saints' Stories, Inc.

520 Oliphant Lane

Middletown RI 02842-4600

Phone: 401/849-5421


Answers to questions about Saints' Stories Inc.

To order a story of the patron saint for any particular baptismal name

To view one sample story of 700 patron saints stories that can be ordered

To view most of the names for which a Saint Story can be obtained by mail

To order books and/or videos on saints

To order crisis pregnancy resources

To view many different prolife prayers that may be copied and distributed

To view site of new Catholic lay movement for personal spiritual growth  

Saints' Stories, Inc., is a national, non-profit, tax exempt ministry

that distributes stories of the patron saints for baptismal names.

As a Catholic organization, it is registered under the

501 c 3 code of the Internal Revenue Service. Your donations, over

and above the cost of any materials requested, are tax deductible.