There's an interview over at VoodooExtreme with Harry Teasley, an artist for Valve. It's a pretty good read.

More Sleepy Polls

Sleepnever central is having a new poll dealing with one of the more serious problems cursing our generation: What to call Half-life 'clans'. Some of the choices are clans, teams, divisions, squads, groups, lab groups, classes, scientists, freaks, dorks(that's my suggestion), wimps, fools, and the infamous other

- 11:10 P.M. EST

Atomic Fast Walkers

Sven took hours trying to read all that small writing on the concept art of the Fast Walker pic. I dunno how he did it, but he's got a lot of info on it on Atomic Half-life. I have the pic up on the monsters page, but his is better.

- 9:25 A.M. EST

Preview trés cool

This one's awesome preview over at Gamers Extreme telling some new weapns and even a new monster and a new mesh for an old favorite. Well, worth your time.

Found on Jaspur's who found it on Voodoo Extreme.

- 9:25 P.M. EST


Okay that title didn't turn out as I planned but anyway, sleepnever has started a FPS haiku page for all 3-D games.

New Screens

There was a brief article on Gamespot talking about Half-life's main jist of things. There was also a new screen.
Found on eXponential who found it on sCary's.

- 8:20 A.M. EST

Breeding Grounds Breeds

The Breeding Grounds has gotten a nice ORG-like redesign. So go check it out.

- 7:38 A.M. EST

EDfanatic part 2

Ok, here's the real EDfanatics site.

- 8:00 A.M. EST


There's a new Half-life page up called EDfanatic's Domain. Check it out

- 9:59 P.M. EST

Atomic Half-life part 2

Atomic Half-life has created a really cool animated Gif of the Gordon Freeman 360 AVI.

- 9:59 P.M. EST

Article that contain the word "Half-life"

There's an article over on Gameslice talking briefly about a few games including Half-life, and to save you a trip here's the clip:
Found on sCary's Last Thursday, I had a chance to see Half-Life in action, and I must hand it to Valve’s development team, which keeps adding incredible effects to the environment, including a killer flashlight effect (the best I’ve seen yet in a 3D game), flying helicopters, and a working subway system. Users with 3D accelerator cards will be amazed by some of the visual effects , many of which I don’t want to disclose just yet. Sierra promises that Half Life will be "feature complete" within a month, and then be released shortly after that. Summer 1998 is still the target for the game to be in stores, although I’d bet its going to be late Summer before Half Life ships. At this point, the promised story elements that link all the levels together seem to be missing. Nevertheless, the game looks incredible, with strong puzzle elements that are sure to delight players looking for a fully interactive environment and more than just a shoot-whatever-moves action game.

Atomic Half-life

There's a sweet new site over at llamanet(gotta love it) run by Sven Viking and Dethrone. Take a look and remember to bookmark.

- 7:28 P.M. EST

Been busy with tests as the school year is almost done, so here's the stuff I missed.


Yes! There will be a +use key in half-life which will make a lot of the stuff you do in Half-life easier. Found on The Breeding Grounds.


The Half-life Haven has returned and is still building itself back up.

Matthias Worch

I was messing around with QBS 'cause I just got it and I read this .plan, and didn't give it much thought, but it seems people are posting it so...

- Watched the Half-Life .avi and think it looks very cool, can't wait for the game to ship :) A lot of ppl probably think that "I'm looking forward to all the other 3D games" stuff is only polite crap, but I mean it, I'm a gamer after all. Maybe all those ppl out there only thinking in black 'n white should just see it the way I do: Half-Life won't be able to beat the crap out of SiN, and SiN won't be able to beat the crap out of Half-Life, 2 good games and everybody's happy :) Yeah, yeah, I know - the reason I don't include Unreal is because it's setting and mood seem so different, I think it'll be good as well :)

- 1:51 P.M. EST


This one's cool. A Gordon Freeman Wallpaper:


What a pooper, read this article bashing Half-life.

- 11:26 P.M. EST

Gabe on IRC

Gabe was on IRC and spoke some words of wisdom.

We were interviewed by Electric Playground for a TV show they are doing. Electric Playground ROCKS btw. They did a great job previewing Daikatana a few months ago.
Gordon is actually Chuck Jones, in spiteof his resemblance to Marc and Blues. Hehe, see, we were all wrong! Even Blue? *gasp!* ;)
Beta applicants will be selected by ...
I dunno, actually. The word "nepotism" comes to mind.

Found on eXponential.

- 5:11 P.M. EST

Press Release

Found this press release from Sierra on sCary's

Half-Life - Summer 1998 Half-Life introduces a revolutionary leap in 3D first-person games by combining stunning technology enhancements with genre-breaking gameplay elements. Gamers are given opportunities to wreak havoc--in true action-game fashion--but they are also challenged to explore and strategize. Half-Life's strong story elements, advanced inventory system and story-integrated challenges create an experience never-before-seen in traditional "run-and-gun" action games. The result is an entirely immersive playing environment with intensely realistic life forms.

- 2:35 P.M. EST

Sleepy Poll

Sleepnever over at Sleepnever central has started a poll, the first question being "When will the Half-Life demo be released?"

- 5:12 P.M. EST

Yo Gordon

Blue got some stuff, on the main character, Gordon Freeman. He's got a shot, a bio, and an AVI. Found on Jaspur's.

- 6:32 P.M. EST


I just got an e-mail from Caelur, who runs a Half-life total conversion page over at Converted2. He's having a logo contest for the site, and wanted me to mention this and the winner when that time comes. The page is located here.


Strange I forgot to mention this. Guess it wasn't really worth it but, the official Half-life page has a slight site redesign, and one new shot, wheee.


I'm having problems with my e-mail. I can receive stuff, but can't send so just keep that in mind. ICQ is still up.

- 11:33 A.M. EST

Be Quick

Quicksilver (the former webmaster of The Nuklear Decay) is having a logo contest. It is for an upcoming site for a game called Seed. The logo must say Light Source. The prize is a Half-Life t-shirt, the preliminary findings cd, and a Media CD. Be creative and when you're ready, send it to Quickslvr@hotmail.com or ICQ it #6809010.


There's another wallpaper made by Necro over at Half-Life Haven.


An AVI version of the VX movie came out. It's 46 Meg. Go get it.


Good thing I forgot about the Sierra update because this morning I went to it and it WASN'T updated. Maybe today.

- 8:12 A.M. EST

Rumors, rumors

Finalthrill was chatting with Psifire, who had chatted with Adam Bormann from Sierra, and he said that the official Half-life Web page should be up with news and 10 new screens around 6 PST (9EST). Found on the breeding grounds.

- 7:58 A.M. EST


There's a preview and an interview over at Gamers Zone. Nothing new.
Found on Jaspur's.

VX movies

VX half-life came out with a 4.6 Meg real video. Can't get it to work though.

Beta info

There's some info on Valve's plans for beta testing over at the Haven:
          There will be a public beta-test for Half-Life
          -- it has not been determined how wide a test and how we
          will get participants. Date is also TBD although 
          probably May sometime. Vague enough for you? : ) Touch
          base in mid-May -- we'll see where we stand. 

          All the best, Eric Twelker 

- 11:03 P.M. EST

New shots

Two new awesome, totally cool, sweet, skweegy coo, trés bien, skwoosh, er... just go see them at The all new Haven.


The Half-life Headquarters is up now over at Tierranet. Go check it.

- 11:03 P.M. EST

VX moves

The homies over at VX have moved to Gamestats. Go pay you dues.

- 8:06 P.M. EST

Why HL is delayed

Give the people a break and read this:
      There's still a lot of work to be done - play balancing weapons, getting
      all of the level specific code finalized, tweaking monsters, and so on.
      It takes a long time, because we want Half-Life to be as good as people
      are expecting.

      It's very frustrating to us, as well to the fans, not the least because
      we don't get paid until people buy the product. Most of the money to pay
      for development has come out of my pocket, and it's pretty tempting to
      hurry Half-Life out the door just so I can recoup some of that. However,
      I think that there are a bunch of games that have come out where the
      developer or the publisher decided to shove it out the door and hope
      nobody noticed all the flaws, and we are committed to not doing that.

      We are working with our marketing partners on a demo date, and will let
      people know the date as soon as we know the date.

      Lastly, I don't want to lie to you and say we won't slip again. The one
      thing I'll guarantee is that the game will be as good as we can make it
      when it ships. I can guarantee one or the other, but not both. Hopefully
      that's the right decision for the product, for us as a company and for
      you as a paying customer.
Found on the Breeding Grounds.

- 3:25 P.M. EST

April 12, 1998

More Wallpapers

There's another wallpaper made by Radur. Get it here.

- 9:04 P.M. EST

Happy Easter

Have a Happy Easter and remember the true meaning behind it.

- 3:25 P.M. EST

HL index

There's a new site that provides linx to all Half-life sites called The Half-Life Site Index.
Found on the Breeding Grounds.


There's two new screenshots of the scientists being zombified.

Found on VX Half-life.


There's also a new wallpaper by Dave of VX Half-life.


There's also two new interviews by Dave of VX Half-life. One with Steve Theodore, a modeller and animator, and one with Brett Johnson, a level designer.

- 6:44 P.M. EST

First VX pic

VX Half-life has posted their first picture of their HL preview. It's not of gameplay but just go check it out anyway.

- 4:27 P.M. EST


Valve released a new ad for the MACH V using the human grunt and alein grunt to the Breeding Grounds.

- 9:22 A.M. EST

More HL dates

Just got an e-mail from Sierra:

Sierra has received numerous inquiries in the past day regarding the official Half-Life Web site's http://www.sierra.com/titles/halflife/) listing of an early June ship date. This listing is inaccurate and, since no specific release date has been announced, the site has been updated to 'Summer 1998.' Half-Life is still on target for a late Spring - early Summer release and the Valve team is working towards hitting in the E3 timeframe. Half-Life is coming along nicely; it's looking great and we're all very excited about it.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

All the best,

Eric Twelker
P.R. Supervisor, Sierra

More HL sites

There is, or will be soon, a new page over at wasteland started up by Rage.

- 3:08 P.M. EST

Dario Casali

There's an interview on Electronic Telegraph: Connected with Dario Casali talking about level designing.
Found on Jaspur's.

- 12:32 P.M. EST

Crafty Sierra

sNeAk from exponential has pointed out that sierra has delayed Half-life until early June. Well, it'll be worth it.

- 3:57 P.M. EST

Not HL

Don't usually do this but I met the lead programmer of Xevos, and I got a screen shot. So here it is:

Maps and stuff

Dravisty has started a maps page at halflife.net which can be found here. Also while your there, he wants you to flame his parents.

New Site

More sites, this one called Half-Life command Central.
Found on Half-life Haven.

Pain day

Well, eXponential got 17 more votes Haven got 2 and I got none on the top ten. Fishy

- 4:15 P.M. EST

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