12/30/97 2:24 P.M. PST
I hope everybody had (or is still having) a happy holiday. Everybody got to open their presents, and play with them. What did I get, you may ask, well I got nothing real special, but a few cool things. My favorite gift was Myth: The Fallen Lords. If anybody knows some cheats, or how to beat the second level (yeah that's right, I can't even beat the second level on the easiest skill setting. Don't make fun of me, it's a really, really hard game!) just mail me. Now we only have 360 days left until the next Christmas!

12/30/97 2:15 P.M. PST
NuKe has a new Half-Life website on Gamehut. It shows a lot of promise, but doesn't have much stuff right now (probably because it's only been up for like a day). Check it out right here.

12/30/97 2:08 P.M. PST
Mike just keeps on bringing it on. First the preview, then the interview, now a whole bunch of screenshots. There are some awesome screenshots over there, my fav is the rocket with the smoke tail. See for yourself here.

12/30/97 2:05 P.M. PST
According to the U.K. version of PC Gamer, the U.K. release date for Half-Life is April 15th.

12/29/97 4:31 P.M. PST
Whir over at Nuclear Decay hasn't been getting many hits. Let's help out a fellow Half-Life follower and give his site a few hits. Anyways his site is very informative, and he deserves hits. BTW he also landed a sweet job with Chaotic Games. Whir will be working on Raven of Darkness which is a FPS due out in Q2 1999. Check it out it looks real good, even in early beta test.

12/29/97 4:31 P.M. PST
eXpotential just recieved it's 20,000 visitor! Wow! It'll be a while before we get that many, but we're chugging along at a nice pace.

12/29/97 4:31 P.M. PST
Overlord, who was the webmaster of the now deceased Half-of-it website, is now teaming up with Jaspur on Jaspur's Half-Life site. It is now probably gonna be one awesome site!

12/29/97 6:15 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
On the question of destructible environments, the environments won't be totally destructible, as Prey plans to be, but from what I've seen from the movies, there will be destructible objects. And of course textures can be screwed around with.

12/29/97 2:19 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Overlord is now at Jaspur's so now the best site just got better.

12/25/97 10:02 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Just something I'd like to say: If you want to use the code from part of these pages, run it through me( I don't have a problem with people using the HTML and javascript, but I have a problem with people not giving credit. This helps you too, because I can show you how to customize the code and all that, so it doesn't look stupid; plus a little credit would be nice. Thanks for liking the pages and visiting.

12/24/97 9:57 P.M. PST
Screenshots, screenshots everywhere. Eric over at Sierra decided to give eXpotential Half-Life an early Christmas present of two new screenshots. Check em' out they're pretty cool. Also, they have a awesome new site design that I like a lot. Oh, and everybody, and I mean everybody...........

Have a very happy Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever you celebrate =).

12/24/97 9:50 P.M. PST
Sean Willoughby was the lucky 1,000th visitor. Here it is, the very special number.

12/24/97 9:50 P.M. PST
I am thinking of making a monthly newsletter about Half-Life, which talks about the key events of the month. Maybe I could get Valve to also talk a little about what they did to Half-Life over the month, and maybe a new screenshot to show it off. I need toknow if this would be a good idea or not. So if you wanna tell me what you think, mail me.

12/25/97 12:07 A.M. EST
Dann the Man

12/24/97 1:37 P.M. PST
Bad news....... will not be online anymore, which makes Overlord of Half-of-it homeless. Too bad, Half-of-it was one of the best Half-Life sites around. Let's all hope that he can find a new home.

12/24/97 10:28 P.M. PST
Jaspur, was lucky enough to get a nice interview with Chuck Jones of Valve Software.

12/22/97 8:28 P.M. PST
I can't believe this is happening already..... We are getting very close to 1,000 visitors, so if you are the lucky visitor, save the picture and send it to me. I don't have any prizes, but I'll really, really try to get one for the 5,000th visitor. Thanks for everyone who has visited, and especially for hosting us and Valve Software for sending those exclusive screenshots.

12/22/97 7:49 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
There were some questions asked in the guestbook.

Do you know if Halflife will have those cool skymaps that we can enjoy in quake 2?
Is it true that going from one map from another will be instantaneous -even grenades should cross them? - dj_mugwump

  1. Skymaps - Dunno
  2. Tranfering maps - Moving between maps will have a slight delay much like Hexen 2 and Quake 2.
  3. Grenades - Dunno

12/21/97 2:03 P.M. PST
I just put up a new guestbook. If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, ideas, likes, dislikes, you just feel really bored, or whatever go sign the guestbook. What are you waiting for....... look at it!

12/21/97 1:31 P.M. PST
Congrats to Rick, he is the winner of the logo contest with his logo with the crosshair. Thanks to Nathan Smith, Rick Fleisher, and Dann the Man for making logos, they were all really cool.

12/20/97 6:37 P.M. PST
Mike has a nice little interview with the Valve team. It only has a few things, but it's worth it to take a look at it.

12/19/97 9:19 P.M. PST
The eXpotential Half-Life Christmas contest is over. Go over to there place to see who won, and what they got. There were some pretty nice prizes.

12/19/97 9:15 P.M. PST
We had a guestbook at Geocities, but know we can't use it since we're on now. Soon we will get another one. Also we need to find a good counter that is free, so if you know of one, send the url to me.

12/19/97 9:11 P.M. PST
This is how our logo contest format will go. Dann has made it so that a random selection logos will appear on the page. This way, all of the logos can be used. But, the person with the best logo (which will be decided tomorrow) will win the prelim cd.

12/19/97 9:07 P.M. PST
Well, there was lots of news today. As you may have noticed, we are now hosted by YIIIPPPEEE!!! Now we have unlimited space, so we are going to try to make the most complete screenshot page possible, files page, and monster portfolios, which have all the screenshots of the monster we can find. Stay tuned, because we are really going to work on this site.

12/18/97 4:03 P.M. PST
I accidently deleted the update that I got 3 brand spankin' new screenshots from Lisa at Valve. Check them out at the screenshots page.

12/18/97 3:40 P.M. PST
Rick Fleischer decided to make me not 1, but 4 logos! They are all very good and they are up at the logos page. Ther are only two days left until the end of the logo contest, so if you want to make one, you better hurry up!

12/16/97 10:46 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Mike got three new screenshots straight from the cool guy @ Valve. They're up at the screenshots page.

12/16/97 7:37 P.M. PST
I just recieved this awesome picture showing the ad that's been in the magazines lately. It will only be up for a while, because it's a big picture Doesn't this just make you want to have Half-Life even more? It does for me.

12/16/97 10:01 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Sorry I haven't done anything on the site recently. Here's my schedule:
Monday -- Studying for Exam 1
Tuesday - Taking Exam 1, Going to old high school, studying for Exam2
Wednesday - Taking Exam2, Studying for Exams 3&4
Thursday - Taking Exams 3&4.
Friday - Can work on site again.

12/16/97 6:32 P.M. PST
Ok, the last update was a bit misleading. To find the show you need to go to Allgames to here it. Or you can save yourself time by just listening to it here.

12/16/97 7:44 A.M. PST
The latest Quakecast program includes Half-Life. Finally some decent Half-Life news! Check out the site to find it.

12/15/97 4:04 P.M. PST
Scipio over at eXpotential let me know that his e-mail contest is shortened to December 17. That way the winners can enjoy their prizes during the holiday. The shortened time means you better hurry up and enter.

12/15/97 3:59 P.M. PST
Siren's Pic page is doing a feature on Quake companies and Valve is included. See it here. Dario Casali is the only person included so far.

12/15/97 3:49 P.M. PST
Jaspur's contest is finally over! The winner was halogen, who deserved it with his awesome logo. Go see it for yourself over at Jaspur's

12/14/97 8:55 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Unless I'm mistaken, we're going to take all the submitted banners and have them posted randomly at the top so everyone that enters, will have their banner put up. The top banner will receive the Preliminary CD.

12/14/97 2:45 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Congrats Nathan Smith. I added a "What's new" section, so I won't be littering up the news section every time I update something.

12/13/97 9:45 P.M. PST
A guy, by the name of Nathan Smith, decided to make me a logo. Be sure to go to the logos page and check it out. Remeber if you want to make a logo, the contest is over December 20. Time to watch some South Park.

12/13/97 8:20 P.M. PST
Well, the screenshots page looks all spiffy now and a whole bunch of Half-Life preview links have been added. We have a lot in store for this site such as some more screenshots, lots and lots of monster info and format, a weapons page, a news archive, and a gameplay page.

12/13/97 10:22 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Changed the levels page using a javascript. If you have any problems or it is taking an insanely long time loading, complain to me.

12/13/97 2:57 P.M. PST
I just uploaded a new section to the site, Levels. It doesn't look very nice right now, but it will when Dann does some stuff to it which will be probably today, but it may be tomorrow.

12/13/97 10:24 A.M. PST
I am sure I am not the only person that is really pissed off because there hasn't been any news in like a week and a half. I hope there is cool news coming or I will go insane.

12/12/97 7:36 A.M. PST
Max over at fragilemortality was lucky enough to play Half-Life over in the U.K. Lucky dog. He said it is way better than Quake2. Go over to his site for more details.

12/12/97 9:52 A.M. EST
Dann the Man
Redid the format of the Screen shot page with a small javascript in order to shorten loading time.

12/12/97 1:12 A.M. EST
Dann the Man
I updated the monsters page with some new info. I will have more extensive information after I get a few hours of sleep.

12/12/97 12:11 A.M. EST
Dann the Man
More editing, almost done for The day changed on me.

12/11/97 8:49 P.M. PST
Dann has been working hard on all the pages, and they look great! You may be wondering why this update is before the last one. Well, Dann and me are in different time zones. Expext a lot of changes over the next few days, because Dann is real good with html.

12/11/97 11:04 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
I just finished redesigning the four other pages, send any comments to me.

12/11/97 8:20 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Hey, this is Dann the Man. I'm now a partner on this site, and will be doing some technical stuff and maybe news if something comes up. I still have my other page over here which has info relating to 3-D games, and other info not really relating to anything. My e-mail is if you have any complaints, problems, or you just don't like me.

 12/08/97 5:12 P.M.
Finally some readers decided to participate in Max's(webmaster of fragilemortality)
Quake deathmatch idea. Oh yeah there will be Half-Life t-shirts as prizes for the top
and maybe the worst players! 

 12/08/97 5:07 P.M.
Starting today, I get an extra meg of space. It may not sound like a lot, but
I really, really could use it. I need some suggestions on how to use this extra 
meg. So if you have any mail me. If I don't get any suggestions, I will probably
use some for a news archive that goes back only one month and more
screenshots, but I can't think of anything else. 

 12/08/97 5:04 P.M.
A really cool guy, Dann the Man, made this awesome background
and table outline. It is so cool. I can't thank Dann enough for first the logo,
and now this! I would just like to say thanks Dann. 

 12/08/97 5:01 P.M.
If you are wondering, no I'm not dead. There just hasn't been much
Half-Life news lately. 

 12/05/97 7:10 P.M.
I would really appreciate some feedback especially on how the new 
background color looks, and other things. I'm really only concerned
with the background color tho. 

 12/05/97 5:40 P.M.
I've been playing Quake constantly for the 
2 days because the registered version is
so much cooler than the shareware. Also if 
anybody wants to challenge me (I will probably
lose, because I suck!) mail me

 12/05/97 5:34 P.M.
Good news for me! Starting December 8th
All Geocities people get 3 megs instead of
2. Not much, but I couldreally use that extra 
space. Even though I'm getting an extra meg,
I still need to be hosted.

12/03/97 3:53 P.M.
PCgames is now known as, and
the Half-Life article and pictures are up. See them here.

 12/03/97 7:41 A.M.
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!
As you might have guessed, it's my birthday
today, and I am finally getting the registered 
version of Quake! Come on guys, the only
people interested in Max's deathmatch
idea are the webmasters. Wouldn't you just love 
blowing up Jaspur or Overlord!

 12/02/97 7:51 A.M.
OOPS! I forget to say the deadline is December
20th. I have already recieved one by Dann the Man
I will put it up after school. 

 12/01/97 8:33 P.M.
OK, I've finally decided to hold a logo design contest. 
The winner will recieve a prelimanary findings cd. Come
on, if Jaspur can get like 50, I should at least get 2 or 3!
They must be in gif or jpg format, and cannot be really huge.

 12/01/97 8:30 P.M.
Overlord over at Half-of-it has scanned the pictures
from the PCgames preview. One of them is of the 
female assasian. They are very cool.

 12/01/97 6:17 P.M.
The results are in! Jaspur wins Half-of-it's Half-Life
approved competition. There will be no more because he didn't get 
as many votes as he wanted. I really think I could of won after almost
everybody else wins for their third time! 

 12/01/97 6:12 P.M.
Max, over at fragilemortality wants to start
a Quake deathmatch with Half-Life webmasters and 
followers. I think it's a very cool idea! I think it should 
be teams with the web-masters against followers.

 12/01/97 6:06 P.M.
A really good preview of Half-Life is on the new edition of PCgames.
I heard it is one really good article with lots of new stuff. 
The CD also has the prelim findingsstuff on it. I don't 
think it's up on their website tho.

 11/30/97 4:12 P.M.
I really want to do something new and original with my page,
but I just can't think of anything, so if you have an idea mail me

 11/29/97 9:07 P.M.
There is an article about Dario Casali, and how he likes to
make levels, on If you are a level
designer, this is a must see! I just noticed that I updated a lot
in about an hour.

 11/29/97 8:52 P.M.
To make my site better and more detailed, I need to be hosted. 
Unlimited space would be great, but anything more than the 2 megs I
have here on Geocities would be fine also. So, anybody out there that
wants a Half-Life page, I'm your man!

 11/29/97 8:21 P.M.
Jaspur is no longer going to post his logos because he has too many! If 
Jaspur can get that many, I should be able to get at least 1!

 11/29/97 7:39 P.M.
If you couldn't get one of the prelim cd's, you're in luck! The Diablo 
expansion pack, Hellfire, has all the stuff on it. Too bad it costs $40, 
instead of free like the prelim cd's.

 11/29/97 7:31 P.M.
Whir has moved to Questgate. He says he is going to mke his site real 
cool since he has access to cgi-bin.

 11/28/97 2:43 P.M.
Just like everybody else in the world I am thinking of getting a new 3d
card! I need some suggestions on a good card. I really, really want
a 3dfx, but unless I find a good deal somewhere, I am going to have
to go with some other card. So if anybody has a suggestion, or a 3dfx
card you will sell me for real cheap,(like around 85-100)or you want to
donate one to me(yeah right!)E-Mail me

 11/28/97 10:48 A.M.
Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy with Thanksgiving,
so from now on I'll try to get all the news. I really need someone to make 
me a logo. I don't have any prizes, except for the warm feeling you get in 
your heart when you do something good, like when you get a frag in Quake! 
Also, I need some suggestions on how to make my site better. Come on I 
know you're thinking this site sucks, blah blah blah, so stop complaining
and do something about it! Mail me 

 11/22/97 4:22 P.M.
A new site called Nucler Decay is up. Go check it out, it's pretty cool.

 11/21/97 3:34 P.M.
An article about 3d games is on CD Tron, a ZDnet feature. Half-life is included in 
the article.Thanks Jaspur 

1997 Mail me

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