1/31/98 11:40 P.M. EST
Pulse of Biological Warfare is moving to xoom.com

1/31/98 11:11 P.M. EST
Umm.. the #half-life irc channel is pretty dead. sNeAk is the only person alive there, and Pulse too. Go they and liven it up a little.

1/31/98 1:40 P.M. PST
Pulse of the Biological Warfare Half-Life website wanted me to tell you that he is having a logo contest. Right now there are no prizes, but that could be changing anytime......

1/31/98 1:35 P.M. PST
All the questions are gathered up for the Ted Backman interview. I will be sending the e-mail today. I have no idea when they will be answered, but I do know that we will be getting a new screenshot for it!

1/31/98 1:31 P.M. PST
I am now not busy with anything, so regular updates should be happening again. BTW, we are reaching 3,000 visitors quite soon. Wow! If you are the lucky visitor, go ahead and send the pic to me. No prizes as usual, but you get to feel special. I am guessing the 5,000 milestone will come in just before the release of Half-Life.

1/31/98 1:30 P.M. PST
Well, today is the last day of January, so that means the very 1st edition of the Half-Life newsletter will be going out tomorrow. I hope you've signed up :)

1/31/98 4:49 P.M. EST
Remember that screen shot of the robot, that was really small and low quality?

Well over at eXponential there's a larger screen of it showing how great the shadows will look like in Half-life.

Biological Warfare is having a logo contest. Found at the UnderWorld.

Ok here's the French Half-life preview, roughly translated. I used the altavista translator, suggested on fragilemortality, and then touched it up.

Founded by an ex-employee of Microsoft, Valve Software, a small relatively anonymous company, is in the train, undermining anything to put the final key, at what is announced, like one of most innovative Quake-like games of 1998.

Ok, one blows you away each time, all the games have the promise in the air, are brilliant and superb, but very often when one is confronted with the product, often between promises and technology, you realize the cruel variation that there is. And once again, if Half-Life holds all the promises which its developers make, it risks of in estomaquer some well...

Based, like many of its fellow-members, on the ultra-licensed Quake engine, Half-Life seeks to mark its difference where nobody awaited it: the artificial intelligence of its creatures, and the interaction with the environment. Because at a time when games use more powerful, enormous, and greedy 3D engines than ever, Valve decided to privilege software users, and works its game to make it a vis-a-vis weight challenge to the mastodons, Prey, Unreal and Duke Nukem Forever.

The artificial intelligence, and perhaps this which will mark the difference between Half-Life and the othersmore : Steve Bond equipped his creatures with a real intelligence, plus true behavior that has simple reactions. Because in the traditional games, the monsters react, but do not act. You draw, they see you and draw, you flee, they continue you, etc... There, it would act more than one clean intelligence: the monsters have more than all the instinct of survival. They will mass towards the output to prevent you from reaching it, will be put at the shelter in case of danger, will call the congeneric ones with the rescue, will communicate by radio, etc... Moreover, Marc Laidlaw, the principal designer of the game, implemented in the game scripted sequences (a monster which is thrown on a scientist, a soldier which opens a gate) which will play in real time, and which will add even more life with the play.

It's still pretty confusing, so if you have any suggestions to a more correct version of this, mail me

1/30/98 9:39 P.M. EST
More previews; there's good news and bed news. Being a pessimist, I'll start with the bad. There is NO new info. Good news: that won't ruin the game. More good news: they didn't mention the grenade over the crate thing, I don't think. Oh yeah they're at Games Galore and Zone 51 (French) Found on the Underworld

1/30/98 12:05 A.M. EST
Well, the deadline for interview questions is over, at least for the EastSide, so all you representin' BIG, and Puff Daddy, it's too late, so swear by Tupac and Dr. Dre and you can get that question you've been dying to ask in.

1/29/98 7:35 A.M. PST
Sorry for the even more incredible lack of updates. I'll tell you why.. last week I was just plain lazy, and then when I said on Monday that I would put up the news that I missed and put it up after school, well when I came home I found out that my monitor blew out :(. And ever since Monday this week, I have been busy with a school project. The good news tho, is that I can update starting Friday, but I won't bother to replace all the missing news updates. BTW, about the secret, it looks like I can't tell you for another 1 or 2 weeks :(, but I can tell you that it's going even better than than I thought! You will like it. I know you will.... Last but not least, there is a Quakeworld demo of FroSt of the Underworld and me. It is over at the Underworld with both my and his views. As for who wins, you'll have to see for yourself :)

1/28/98 2:34 P.M. EST
Found on Blue's that there's a preview on Meccaworld.

1/27/98 11:39 P.M. EST
Found on eXponential that there is a new site called Biological Warfare. Go there and host it, or at least browse.

1/27/98 9:17 A.M. EST
Found on eXponential that the main half-life irc channel is going to be at Undernet.org; channel: half-life.

1/26/98 8:24 A.M. EST
The Underworld is up and kicking as of Sunday, giving us a run for our money.

1/25/98 3:25 P.M. PST
As you may have noticed, I have not updated very often. That's because the last 2 weeks, I've been so incredibly lazy! I kept on telling myself "I need to update", but I just never did it. I'll try to never to do that again, and I will catch up on everything I missed after school, I promise! :)

1/24/98 2:05 P.M. PST
A week-long feature (Yesterday to Feb. 1st) on Quake killers (Yes, Half-Life will be one of them) has started on Gamespot UK. Check it out here. The schedule goes as follows:
  • Day 0, Friday Jan. 23
Intro: What is a Quake killer? | Duke Nukem Forever Preview | Column: Quake's Afterlife
  • Day 1, Monday Jan. 26
Unreal: Sreenshots, Links, and a preview
  • Day 2, Tuesday Jan. 27
Prey: Screenshots, Links, and a preview
  • Day 3, Wednesday Jan. 28
Half-Life!: Screenshots, Links, and a preview (let's hope for some cool, new stuff!)
  • Day 4, Thursday Jan. 29
Sin: Screenshots, Links, and a preview | Duke on Playstation: A Review
  • Day 5, Jan. 30
Daikatana: Screenshots, Links, and a preview & profile of the team | Duke for N64: A Review

1/23/98 5:34 P.M. PST
A new Half-Life site has sprung up, called Half-Life at reality-X. (I wonder how they came up with that name? :) Go check it out, it shows some promise. Also the lucky webmaster will be able to play the latest build of Half-Life later this month.

1/21/98 8:08 P.M. EST
Thanx to this site for mentioning our interview.

1/20/98 10:03 P.M. EST
Found on Jaspur's that Worldcraft 1.6 w/ Q2 support is almost ready to be released. Woo-hoo!! But unfortunately, it doesn't look like a shareware version will be released; only an upgrade for registered users.

1/19/98 5:40 P.M. EST
The secret is in final stage :)

1/16/98 6:46 P.M. EST
By the way Ted Backman is the Art Director/Conceptual Artist/Illustrator/Animator for the halflife, so direct your questions in that area. He is responsible for the stranger creatures in Halflife and their movements.

1/15/98 6:48 P.M. PST
I'm back! Actually I never went anywhere, but I haven't been updating in a while so it looked like I went away. Well anyway I have landed an interview of Ted Backman of Valve Software! To make it an interview that you want to read, we will be accepting questions until the 29th of January. If you wish to submit a question please try to use the question form, but if you think it is the only way to submit it, mail me. Also if you are wondering about the secret, it is coming along MUCH nicer than I expected, expect an annoncement in 3-6 days hopefully. You will really love, I just know you will :).

1/14/98 9:06 P.M. EST
NuKe over at the cool site, Gamehut, finally released his secret. Go check it out. Now you just have to wait for ours, *ahem*, Mike's.

1/10/98 10:04 P.M. EST
NuKe over at the cool site, Gamehut, was the 2000th visitor. Congrats.

1/10/98 10:54 A.M. EST
Dann the Man
I added a permissions section on the menu, which will answer almost any question of what you can and can't use on theis site. If it's still not clear, ask.

1/09/98 9:02 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Fragile Mortality has got like 20 new shots, and they're all really cool. There's a shot of the crowbar, a headcrab hat, and my most common view in a FPS, the sideways post frag point of view.

1/08/98 10:35 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Judging from our current hit rate, the big 2000 could come within the next few days. Please remember to send the screen capture to either of us. If you're running above 800X600 dpi, send it to me otherwise send it to Mike. Gif or Jpeg only please.

1/07/98 6:28 P.M. PST
NuKe gave me the word that he will probably reveal his secret tomorrow. Yipee!! Check out his site for the details when they come out. Now the only secret left is mine. Hehe. I have no idea when I can tell you about it, because I still don't know if it will work out or not.

1/07/98 6:24 P.M. PST
I just recieved an e-mail from Max over at F r a g i l e M o r t a l i t y saying that the Quake tournament will be on the weekend of January 17th. He needs to know what day and what time is best for the people that signed up.

1/07/98 6:19 P.M. PST
The newsletter is going real good now.... Around 20 people have already signed up. Thanks to Jaspur for mentioning the newletter to Gamecenter's Underground. Also, I was wondering while you sign up if you could give a few suggestions on what could make the site better or what you would like to see.

1/06/98 11:01 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
I made this wallpaper a while ago but never got to distribute it. ~385K comp, ~1.4Mb uncomp

1/06/98 5:29 P.M. EST
Dann the Man
Found on duke4ever.com, who found it on meltdown.net, while I browsing through the newly reopened 3Dportal who have been hosted by PlanetQuake, after I saw that this happened on Preystation, that OGR posted their list of most anticipated games 1998, and Half-life is number 5, beaten by:
and 4)Diablo II

and beating:
and 10)Command & Conquer 2

1/05/98 5:29 P.M. PST
Somebody has a secret! NuKe over at Gamehut's Half-Life Site has a secret and he won't tell anybody. All he has said is that he is working on something. I'll try to get a scoop on what's he trying to do. I also know another person by the nick of MMT681, who is trying to do something. He is also keeping it a secret, but he said that if it goes through, it'll be REAL big! What a coincidence, because I am also trying to do something, and I am keeping it a secret for now. But if it happens the way I want it, it'll be really cool!

1/05/98 5:27 P.M. PST
OOPS!!!! I lied. I did not put up a newsletter page. I don't think I need to. I'll just put something at the top. Sorry! I guess you can't trust me now....

1/01/98 8:14 P.M. PST
Dann the Man
Quick news update:

1/01/98 8:14 P.M. PST
I hope everybody had a really nice New Years. I know I did. And who else thinks that Washington State got ripped of their last play? That Refs watch was one second fast, I tell you!!!!! Oh, well it was a good game.

1/01/98 8:02 P.M. PST
Okay, I've decided to start a Half-Life newsletter. This will actually go through, unlike some other Half-Life newsletters that never happened. It will be a monthly newsletter talking about the most important events over the past month. I don't know if any input will come from Valve or not, because they have yet to answer my e-mails. I guess I'll start taking sign-ups right now. So mail me with the topic of Newsletter, and just say sign me up Scotty! The first edition will be mailed February 1st. Tomorrow I will put up an official page with more info.

1/01/98 8:01 P.M. PST
Valve has hired new worker Steve Theodore. Steve will be working on Valve's second, mystery game.

1/01/98 12:05 A.M. EST
Dann the Man

Happy NewYear from the Daily Death!

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