The real

The real is on at Found on half-lifer.

- 8:48 P.M. EST

Logo Contest

The Breeding Grounds is looking for a new logo, so if you have the talent, get working. Visit their site to see more details.

HL spinny thing

Stingray made this cool new HL spinning logo. Visit his site here.

Found on eXponential.

More Sites

There is a new site looking to be hosted called Half-lifer. Take a look.
Found on eXponential.

- 11:17 P.M. EST


Blitz updated the tallies on the top ten list and we're in the lead by 15 with 25. Thanx everyone.
Oh, and he would like a script to automatically update the tallies, so if you'd like to become famous, go to his site and help him out.

HL screensaver

Blitz once again comes through with something new. A Half-life Screensaver. Get it here ~622K.

- 11:17 P.M. EST

Never Sleep

Sleepnever Central has moved to, and also has listed us as a "cool site" along with eXponential, and Jaspur. Thanx

TOP TEN finally

Okay, Blitz of Half-life Haven has got ten Sites for his top ten HL site list, and is taking votes now. Go vote for us. Please, I'll be your friend.

- 6:33 P.M. EST

HL font part 2

Just got word from Spider that the original Half-life font had a few problems so here is a new verion, ~22K.

- 5:26 P.M. EST


Over at The Breeding Grounds, that in the magazine, Wired, mentions Half-life in one of it's articles. Go there for more info.


AgentJ over at the better half needs more entries for his top ten. Either go there or go to our top ten page and fill out the form.

- 9:05 P.M. EST

Poll at the ORG

There's a poll over at the Org (I know it's OGR) which is being regulated by Whir. Found on eXponential.

IMPaLed page

IMPaLer the guy who got the IRC interview, has started a new page over at prodigy called VX Half-Life. Looks like it's modeled after the lethal gas in "The Rock". Found on eXponential.

- 8:17 A.M. EST

HL font

Finally, someone has made a Half-life font. Get it here, ~18K. Found on Jaspur's.

AI talk

There's a page dedicated to talking about Artificial Intelligence found here. Found on Jaspur's.

WC patch

There's a Patch out for registered users of WorldCraft, that updates from version 1.3 to 1.6a. This fixes a few bugs. Once again found on Jaspur's.

- 4:54 P.M. EST

The Final Site

Final Thrill of forum fame has started a new HL site, with a cool army look. Check it out here.

Dhabih Art

Dhabih the guy who made that Q2 art is (or actually 'has') started some Half-life art. Check it out below:

Found on eXponential.

- 11:02 P.M. EST

Jaspur's Back

Jaspur has gotten his life sorted out and is back at his original site. Found on eXponential.

Top Ten

I added a top ten page which I will hopefully start updating weekly, if you people add stuff. I'll arrange the submissions either myself or with some other people. The page can be found here or on the info section of the menu. The next top ten will be ways to abuse the chum toad by AgentJ of the better half.
I'll send all submissions to him.

Entropy Moves (again)

Entropy moves again to Gamepost, where he will hopefully finally stay. The new site is here. And he's still looking for entries in his top ten Half-life site list, so go enter your site. Found at the underworld.

New shot

There's a new shot of an unsuspecting scientist about to be attacked by a bullchicken on the underworld.

- 8:52 P.M. EST

February 17, 1998

Massive News Update

I've been slacking lately, so here's everything that happened recently or needs a refresher.


Pulse from Biological Warfare is still running his logo contest, and has some pretty cool prizes. Here's a clip:
Logo Contest- There is another update in the prizes. The lucky Grand Prize winner of the logo contest for Biological Warfare will get the following: Half-Life hat, Preliminary Findings CD, Half-Life CD (The full game). The 3 runners up will receive Preliminary Findings CDs. Take a peak at the logos that have already been submitted here.

Single Player Map Place

I site dedicated to single player HL maps, started up on Fortunecity, see it here. He is also looking to be hosted. Found on Biological Warfare.

Entropy moves

Entropy's Half-life Haven has moved to FortuneCity. He is also starting a top ten HL site list so go enter your HL site there. He needs at least ten to have a list so hurry. Found on Biological Warfare.

UK scans

Fragile mortality got some new scans from Ultimate PC, a UK mag. There sort of fuzzy, so the word don't come out. They were scanned by another Dan 'the man' (one 'n').

New shot

Over at the UnderWorld, they posted a new screen from a new HL site, because Valve likes to help out the newbies. View that below:

That new site is here.


Half-life has been pushed out of April, but Gabe, head of Valve, said it hadn't been pushed until June. Found on eXponential.

Chum Toads

AgentJ at the Better Half still is looking for submissions for the top ten way to abuse a chum toad. Come on think of a few, and get yourself known while you at it.

5500th visitor

The big 5500 has been hit, click here to view it.

- 12:39 P.M. EST

New Site

There's a new site up at btinteractive called Pentadact's Half-Life. Found at the underworld.

- 10:30 P.M. EST

Interview log

If your like me and forgot to go to the interview, get the log here; taken from the better half. Or you could go to eXponential for a pretty happy edited version.

- 11:56 P.M. EST

Half-life article

Found on eXponential, that Red Knight scanned the recent Half-life article.

- 10:59 P.M. EST

sNeAk's in the house

sNeAk made this:

- 8:27 P.M. EST

HL backs

Sven Viking has made three new backgrounds, which actually look like backgrounds, from the old Half-life movie trailers. Get them here.~1.5 Meg

- 8:27 P.M. EST

Blue's Whales

I know what you're all thinking, "What is wrong with him, why hasn't he posted the recent news, or gone down and taken pictures?" Well I didn't but got my friend to , so with out further adoo, ado, um... waiting; here's the pictures of the whale that got beached.

- 9:34 P.M. EST

New TC

Here's a mesh from an upcoming Half-life TC: Land of Pigs

- 4:09 P.M. EST

Top ten lists

AgentJ of the better half came up with an idea of having a top ten list of ways to abuse the chumtoad. The top ten lists might continue until half-life is released, depending on how much in put is put in. Go to his site to put in input.

- 9:59 P.M. EST

Gabe interview soon

IMPaLeR was on IRC and has set up an interview with Gabe on IRC either next Friday or Saturday ate 7:00 EST. More info later.

- 7:46 P.M. EST

New Screens, Blue Screens

Blue got ahold of some new screen shots. Go to his site.
Found by FinalThrill

- 11:16 P.M. EST

Stuff stolen from sNeAk

No I didn't steal it, he told me. There's an addition to Gamespots' preview (where chumtoads made their first appearance) which can be found here.

Stuff not stolen from sNeAk

The new site, Entropy's half-life Haven, has posted news showing Hal-life's position in Gamehut's poll for best upcoming game. It's right here. Latest results:
Unreal- 13714 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Descent: Freespace- 388 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Half-Life- 307 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Duke Nukem Forever- 282 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Blood 2- 267 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Daikatana- 161 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Prey- 132 Out Of [ 15415 ]
SiN- 126 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Messiah- 23 Out Of [ 15415 ]
Riot- 15 Out Of [ 15415 ]

- 11:14 P.M. EST

Top Ten Reasons to go to #half-life

10) Sometimes (once) Valve guys pop by.
9) Weasels.
8) You can cyber with W.
7) We accept you for who you are (if we like it).
6) You can say anything you want b/c no one is active.
5) You can fight over the new hl domains.
4) I'll be your friend
3) |sNeAk| uncensored
2) /msg DannMan 4 hl-beta.
1) You might hear f0de rap ;)

- 10:58 P.M. EST

New Site

Cool new site, called Entropy's Half-Life Haven by Entropy. Check it out.
Found on the Underworld.

Changing Site

Pulse moved to logicquest, go here
Found on the Underworld.

- 11:04 P.M. EST

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