It's been nice but we have to move on,! Please change your bookmarks and answer the new poll. And if you want any images from this site for your page, just take them. And give credit but I think that's pretty standard, but maybe not given some sites I've seen..

- 7:44 P.M. EST

E3 shots

The ever fruitful, Atomic Half-life has just posted some new shot of Half-life from E3.

- 6:48 A.M. EST

Sierra e-mail

I just got two e-mails from Sierra, one having to do with Half-life multi-player and the other about Valve buying Team Fortress. I'll put the whole thing here.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998


Revolutionary multiplayer functionality for the mainstream gamer

E3, Atlanta, GA. - Valve L.L.C. and Sierra Studios today unveiled a collection of innovative multiplayer features for Half-Life, the highly anticipated 3D first-person action game and debut release from Valve. The new features, intended to broaden the appeal of multiplayer action gaming to a wider gaming audience, are being showcased for the first time at the 1998 Electronic Entertainment Expo, held in Atlanta, GA May 27 through May 30.

"With the multiplayer functionality in Half-Life, we are going to make action gaming on the Internet a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating to the mainstream gamer," said Scott Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sierra Studios.

The multiplayer features of Half-Life that will be shown are:

One Button Play Gamers will be able to be up and running in a multiplayer game with the press of a single button. There will be no configuration hassles, no IP addresses, and no need for additional utilities or patches. The Half-Life launcher will automatically connect to the Internet, locate the master server, select an appropriate low-ping game, download any resources necessary to play, and launch the game.

Find Your Friends With Half-Life's integrated communications and searching facilities, gamers will be able to find their friends no matter where they are on the Internet, get together, talk to each other, and then jump into a game together. It's also easy to set up a private game that only you and your friends can play.

Be Yourself Anonymity is a thing of the past with Half-Life. As part of customizing the appearance of their onscreen character, players can scan a picture of themselves onto their computer and have that appear as their character's face in the game (and on their opponents screen). Members of clans can spray paint their clan logo or other bitmap on the opposing teams territory to let them know who's really in charge. A master server keeps track of your accomplishments and standings versus all of the other Half-Life players.

Lag-friendly game design For many players new to the Internet the amount of time it takes for information to travel back and forth across the Internet, known as lag, can make the fast pace of action gaming very frustrating. By the time the server has registered a fire command, the target has already moved. Half-Life addresses this by designing for lag. One example of this that will be shown at E3 is one of the weapons, the Snark, a fire-and-forget organic grenade that is completely independent of the player's ping time.

Cooperative and Competitive scenarios Many mainstream gamers are interested in both the competitive and cooperative aspects of the multiplayer experience. Half-Life will contain both head-to-head and cooperative scenarios.

Auto Download and Configuration Even experienced gamers can be frustrated by the complexities of downloading new maps, placing add-ons into the right directories, and knowing which of these should be used with which servers. Half-Life makes all of these operations automatic and completely transparent to the player. If a player connects to a server, and the server administrator is running a Half-Life game that requires new sounds, new models, new maps, or additional DLL's, all of these will be automatically downloaded and configured for the user.

24 by 7 Server Support Players will no longer have to worry if their favorite Half-Life game or map is available. With free support from WON.Net, they will be guaranteed that all of the popular levels will be available at all time, with nothing more than a WON.Net registration. A master server will also keep track of all available servers running on the Internet, which games they are running, all standings and scores, and what servers offer players the lowest ping times,

Additional Features In addition to the above, Half-Life features 32-player Internet and LAN multiplayer support. Servers are available via, Gamespy or user hosted servers. Half-Life's skeletal animation system lets players see which weapons opponents are using. Half-Life's dynamic environments add to the realism and chaotic fun: burn marks, bullet holes and blood marks appear on surfaces. Multiplayer levels include player-controlled trains and conveyer belts, which offer creative means of offense and defense.

Voted "Best Game at ECTS" by All Games Network and winner of "Best Action Game" and "Best Take on First-Person Action" in Gamepen's "Best of 1997 E3 Awards", Half-Life combines the most advanced, proprietary technology with genre-breaking gameplay elements to create the next revolution in computer gaming.

Half-Life, on PC CD-ROM, is scheduled to ship in Summer 1998 and will be available at most software retailers, as well as through Sierra Direct at (800) 757-7707.

Founded in 1996, Valve develops games software. Based in Kirkland, Washington, the company consists of more than 20 leading artists, game designers and programmers. More information about Valve is available through the company's web site at

Sierra Studios, a member of the Sierra family and a brand division of parent company Cendant Software, is dedicated to bringing to market computer game entertainment software that reflects a commitment to established game brands, quality gameplay and represents a move to bring new and innovative experiences to gamers. Encompassing the creation, progress and advancement of the computer gaming industry, Sierra Studios embodies the new era of entertainment software excellence. Sierra is part of Cendant Software, one of the largest PC consumer software groups in the world, and a leader in entertainment and educational software. Cendant Software consolidates the sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting and management of Cendant Corporation's software divisions, including Sierra, Knowledge Adventure, Davidson & Associates, Inc. and Blizzard Entertainment. Cendant Corporation is the result of the December 1997 merger between CUC International and HFS Incorporated, creating a business and consumer services company focused on real estate, travel and membership.


For more information, please contact:
Eric Twelker
Sierra Studios
425-649-9800 x5862

Lisa Mennet
Valve Software
425-889-9642 x107

And the other

Thursday, May 28, 1998


E3, Atlanta, GA. - Valve L.L.C., developer of the eagerly anticipated Half-Life, announced today the acquisition of TF Software Pty. Ltd., Australian developer of Team Fortress, one of the most popular multiplayer games on the Internet.

Team Fortress (TF) is a first person action game with strong team oriented play and strategic elements. Each member of a team takes on a specific class, such as scout, sniper, or engineer, in competition with other teams. The player's class determines his or her appearance, tools or weapons, and skills. Close coordination with other team members is the key to success in the game; it is also the source of the game's long-standing popularity. The original Team Fortress, developed as an extension to id Software's Quake, was released in August 1996. Today, approximately 40% of current Quake servers are dedicated to Team Fortress.

The original Team Fortress was developed as an extension to id Software's Quake. Approximately 40% of the current Quake servers are dedicated to Team Fortress.

"When we began development of Team Fortress 2 our goal was to build the best team-based action game yet," said Team Fortress's Managing Director, Ian Caughley. "Most multiplayer action games are just collections of individuals killing each other, but with TF 2, the emphasis is as much on team play and strategy as it is on shooting."

"We looked at all of the different game platforms we could host TF 2 on," added Robin Walker, lead designer of TF 2. "Half-Life's advanced technology, as well as its flexibility for extensions, with features like client-side DLL support and add-on controllable HUD's (Heads Up Display), meant we could do things with Team Fortress 2 that wouldn't be possible on any other system."

"This is the best thing that could have happened for Team Fortress and the fans of the game who have been waiting for TF 2," said John Cook, lead developer of Team Fortress. "The resources we now have at our disposal ensure the game will have functionality and breadth of support that it wouldn't have had if we had continued on our own."

Sierra Studios and Valve also announced that Team Fortress 2 will be shipping as a Half-Life expansion pack later this year. "Half-Life is clearly perceived in both the user and press communities as the best single-player action game for 1998. Team Fortress is one of the most popular games being played on the Internet. Building TF 2 on top of Half-Life's will result in a multiplayer experience of much greater depth and broader appeal than anything currently available," said Scott Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sierra Studios.

Details on the TF 2 expansion pack will be forthcoming.


For more information, please contact:
Eric Twelker
Sierra Studios
425-649-9800 x5862

Lisa Mennet
Valve Software
425-889-9642 x107

Ian Caughley
TF Software
425-889-9642 x122


Team Fortress Background

The first version of Team Fortress, an add-on for Quake, was released on August 24, 1996. It was originally written because the authors wanted a first-person perspective, team strategy game for LAN competitions. Version 1.0 only included the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man and Medic classes and did not support any map entities.

Shortly thereafter version 1.1 of Team Fortress was released, which incorporated the beginnings of TF map support, some playability improvements and the Heavy Weapons Guy. These features were followed by the incorporation of team objectives into the game design and the 2Fort map, perhaps the most copied map design on the Internet..

On the 22nd of December 1996 Version 2.0 was released for Quake World. It was the first released Quake World add-on. At this point, interest in Team Fortress exploded, with over 40% of the Quake community running servers dedicated to Team Fortress within several months.

TF Software incorporated on April 4, 1997 to commercially develop updates and future releases of Team Fortress. TF Software combines the efforts of approximately 20 developers, artists, musicians, modelers, and map makers in Australia, Canada, the US, Germany, and Japan.

Director Bios

Robin Walker, Founder and Lead Designer Robin attended RMIT University prior to joining NEC where he wrote power station communications software. At RMIT he met John Cook and Ian Caughley and began development of the original Team Fortress. Robin has won three Australian national deathmatch competitions. He is responsible for the design and game DLL in Team Fortress 2.

John Cook, Founder and Lead Programmer John attended RMIT studying Computer Science prior to co-founding TF Software. He has had a number of network administration and installation jobs to pay the bills while developing Team Fortress. Software he developed is being used on Toshiba shoproom floors. John is the lead programmer for Team Fortress 2.

Ian Caughley, Founder and Managing Director Ian attended RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where he received degrees in Aerospace engineering and Computer Science. In addition to running the business side of TF Software, he has designed many of the visual elements in Team Fortress 2. His most ignominious achievement was declaring the Australian GA-8 aircraft aeroelastically sound two months before the prototype plowed into the turf.

TF Software Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 54, Kew East 3102, Victoria
Melbourne, Australia
ACN 078 102 459

- 5:15 P.M. EST


Just found outfrom Sven Viking of Atomic Half-life this URL saying that Team Fortess software was bought by Valve exclusivly for Half-life. I'll quote some stuff to make me look professional:
The acquisition of this mod by Valve means that Team Fortress 2, designed for the Quake 2 engine, will be exclusive to Valve's Half-Life.

The mod will be released as the first Half-Life expansion pack at retail stores this fall. It will only work with Half-Life and is the first multi-player only add-on pack for a game in this genre (that we're aware of).

Half-Life itself is still scheduled for this summer, while the expansion is due in the fall. Expect it to be priced at typical add-on pack prices (around $30). No Team Fortress 2 is planned for Quake II, we're told.

- 6:57 A.M. EST


The main man, Redwood, got his Half-life preview up and it's phat . He can really write. There are also a few new screenshots up too, so go read it.
Found on the Breeding Grounds

- 5:09 P.M. EST


Our old half-life webmaster, OverLord, is back and with his old page, Half-of-it.


Atomic Half-life has some info on the real life Osprey aircraft which should be carried over into Half-life.

- 6:53 A.M. EST

MPEG got an MPEG of some scripted action and the lovely sewers in Half-life. I mirrored the file here on my school account for faster downloading. Probably faster if you on the East Side.

- 9:46 P.M. EST

Release date

Here's news about the release date staright from Valve found by the breeding grounds that was found on some other site.

"The current release date for Half-Life is Summer."

WOW, it'll be out when it's out, so for now, stop wasting time in chat rooms, and scraping for news and go out and get some fresh air, and maybe meet some people you know in person.

- 8:19 P.M. EST


EDfanatic and Redghost redesigned their page all from the aliens side of view. Point of interest is the story which is a unique view.
Found on the breeding Grounds who found it on eXponenetial

Roll in you own term

The DM group, Roll in you own Filth, has shown some creativity, they are collectivly known as an army, and are made up of smaller groups lead by each of the founding members known as squads. Nice thinking guys.


Mike Harrington, the Co-founder of Valve, was interviewed by Jaspur over on

- 4:58 P.M. EST


I missed this throughout the confusion, but I got a request for a site mention for the Unknown um.. group. They haven't decided on a name yet nor decided on clan, squad or other term (since they are supporters of the choose-what-sounds-best-for-your-group idea), so they need your help to decide all this, and you will receive full credit for your input. They hope to have a strong membership by the time Half-life comes out so they can get right to challenging other in DM. Please visit for more detailed information on joining.

- 6:50 A.M. EST

Squads again and again

I hate to be still wasting time on this, but the Breeding Ground is also recognizing the fact that you don't have to stick with squads. So if you don't want squad in your name, contact us or them, and possibly Atomic Half-life for a site mention.

DM ring

The owner of the Half-life web ring, had started another ring for the DM groups' sites. Check it here.
Found on the Breeding Grounds

- 8:33 P.M. EST

Squads again

Quicksilver added a post to Contaminated saying that he did not declare that the official name for Half-life "clans" would be squads, but um, yes he did. Anyway I don't care, if everyone else want to call them squads, that's cool. If you want to be an army like Roll in you Filth, a clan if your still a Quake fan at heart, a homey if you cool, or the soon to be accepted squad term then go with that and we'll always post your site here with whatever you choose.

- 7:10 A.M. EST

Clans, squads, armies, homeys, dorks.

Just to clear up confusion, about the name for "clans" in Half-life. There hasn't been an official decision on what to call them. Some have called themselves clans such as the Unknown clan, S.T.A.R.R., and United States Special Forces. Others, have thought up the world squad, although I don't know of anyone using this. Another chose Army, like Roll in you Filth which was the first group to begin a DM allegiance. And still others became pirates as did the The Dogg Pound. Anyway, what I mean is a groups a group whatever the name is, and you can choose whatever you feel like, so don't let anyone self-proclaim that they are setting a standard. Half-life will be a different type of game so why just settle with a new name, why not a new way of thinking? Just my 2 cents

The Better Half got Better

Seems I missed this, but the better half got a redesign and looks really sweet. We welcome Isaac Hayes, and Biggs to their site.

- 9:16 P.M. EST

Jaspur, Nuke from Gamehut, and the d-kay people started up a Half-life domain over at Check it.

- 8:13 P.M. EST

Speedy Page

Sick of waiting hours for a page to load? Well a new no frills Half-life page came out called Selzier's Half-Life. It claims to be the fastest and it's true.

- 9:53 P.M. EST

Coupla new clans

Sven Viking from Atomic Half-life found this on the Team Fortress Home Page:

TF Software is currently working hard on our first commercial venture: Team Fortress II for engines unnamed. We have not yet finalized an agreement with our distributer so we are not able to release much information yet.

- 9:33 A.M. EST

Coupla new clans

Two new clans; 1)The Unknown Clan and
2) Blitz from the Haven and Pulse from Biological Warfare are starting one and will think of a name later on when they get more people.
Found on eXponential

Fortress of Teams II

There' rumors that Team Fortress 2 might be a Half-life mod, BUT this is only a rumor so don't believe it.
Found on eXponential

Gordon look alike

Found this on eXponential about Gordon's look:

...The current opinion is that Gordon is a cross between Chuck and Malcom X. The first version was a dead ringer for Chuck, but the Sierra folks thought it looked too much like Duke Nukem (Chuck's alter ego) so he darkened the hair and gave him a more serious expression.


There's an interview over at VX with Ted Backman, the creature creator. But for some reason they kept asking about weapons, so most he the answers are, "I can't say" or "No Comment". Our old Ted B. interview is here.

- 1:23 P.M. EST

Stealing Spree

Okay, for anyone who has a half-life site or is going to start one, you may use any image on this site. Some you probably won't want but whatever, just say you got them here, but I think that's pretty standard. Try looking in the images/ directory for quick browsing.

- 5:49 P.M. EST

1st HL Clan

Yes, the first Half-life clan has emerged, named "Roll In Your Filth". Contact Goalie for info on joining. Their page is here.


Oh, and that monkey, Dravistyy, has overhauled his map page, over at dash). He's also starting a syphilis TC, so if you want to help with the pox textures, contact him.

- 6:47 P.M. EST

Daily Death v1.25

If you have Shockwave Flash 3 installed on you computer, you might notice the new logo and menu. If you don't haven't installed, the page should look as it has. You can get the file here. It's only around 200K so it's not a drag.
BTW 1.0 - Old Geocities pre-me
1.1 - The silly Background and stuff I made
1.2 - Redid tables in news and made the site darker and changes the menu

- 8:54 P.M. EST

Rift Raf

Rift has started a page about why he should get the beta. Pretty funny stuff.

- 5:34 P.M. EST

Creature info

If you're new to Half-life or just looking for more info you might have missed, head over to Atomic Half-life. They have all the current info, insites, and keep adding almost daily. Added today, are the bat thingies, and bullsquid.

- 10:50 P.M. EST

CGW scans

Dave from VX scanned the article from CGW, which has some pretty good info and screens (new weapons).
Found on the Breeding Grounds who found it on VX.

Localized damage

Ripped from the the Breeding Grounds who ripped it from eXponential who got it from Ken Birdwell:

We're having hit specific damage, but not all the monsters will have all the hit specific reactions. The humanoid monsters you fight with most will have the most variety, head, arms, legs, etc.. Very small monsters have one or two, and some of the very large monsters it just didn't make sense to react to small areas since they can only really be damaged with area weapons (grenades) so they have a few generic left/right side flinches

Chucky's back

EDfanatics HL Sanctuary got an interview with Chuck Jones about animation in Half-life:

Since you're the artist, I'll ask you these: Here are a few questions on the character animation in Half-Life.

When jumping, will the character merely levitate with legs swinging like other games or will the character actually swing his legs/arms, etc?
-----We have jumping animations for him now that have arm motions. We have to be careful because you must think in Deathmatch terms.....what if Player shoots while in air? His weapon cannot swing around. We'll address this, this character system gives us unmatched freedom.

When running, will the character have realistic motion(like GoldenEye) unlike other 3D shooters(like Quake)?
-----With this system, we can have a large amount of frames. I have been satisfied with the quality of animation we've been putting out.

Is that a small ponytail I see on the back of Gordon's head?
-----You guessed it, man, your'a eagle eye! :)

Found on the Breeding Grounds.


The ORG caught Half-life in action on a huge machine (Pentium II 400 with 2 Righteous 3D II's) and wrote about it here.
Found on jaspur's.

Half-life beside you

(That was a pun on an Alice in Chains song in case you didn't get it) Chuck Jones sent VX half-life a picture of Jerry Cantrell's tattoo. Go there to see it.
Found on jaspur's.

- 6:34 P.M. EST

Gamers Zone poll

Another poll to tell which game is coolest. This time at Gamers Zone. Go vote for Half-life.
Found from Valve.

Gabe's Fireside Chats

Gabe comforts our pain with some more info on the use key, shotgun, guns akimbo(er lack of), and multiplayer(no comment):
1. With the Use key that you stated earlier will you be able to pick up items (maybe a shard of glass, chair, etc.) and use them as a weapon or maybe throw them at a monster ?

2.Will there be a powerup that will let you use dual weapons?

3. Regarding the Shotgun, Will it come in single and double barrels ? and How will the gun load ? (pump, lever) What about the choice of either using a slug, or having the ammo spread?
-----It is a Franchi-Spas 12 semi-automatic assault shotgun. It loads from the bottom. We don't have an option to fire a slug.

4. Will Half-Life come bundled with Multi-Playr goodies such as "Capture the Flag" and maybe a team fortress type play ?
-----we aren't saying anything at this time.

Found on the Breeding Grounds who found it on the haven

- 5:04 P.M. EST

PC Gamer add

Blitz's homey, Cool from the Blood2 Pit, scanned the new PC Gamer ad for Half-life. Go to his site to view it.

- 9:57 P.M. EST

Mr. Friendly and the Big Momma

Atomic Half-life in addition to the Fast Walker info, there is info on the Big Momma and Mr. Friendly.

- 7:34 P.M. EST

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