September 26, 1998

PlanetQuake's Community Rant

You think this is not Half-life related, but it is! Planetquakes new forum "Community Rant" opens up, and guess what? Half-life is the topic:

The Half-Life OEM: Warez or ShareWarez?
n short, here's the story: Sierra/Valve completed a demo of the eagerly anticipated game Half-Life. Entitled "Half-Life: Day One," it was to be distributed solely to OEMs (OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer.") In other words, it was a version of the game meant to be bundled in with hardware -- like those demo CD's you probably got with your new computer or 3D card. Half-Life: Day One represents maybe a quarter or a third of the final game, and when you finish it you're taken to a webpage letting you know what to expect from the full version.

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Gabe Interview

Gabe Newell had a Q&A on Unknown Clan, which tells us some of hard pressed issues on the OEM release

Marc Laidlaw Interview

Marc Laidlaw, Valve Software's in-house writer, interview is up on Warzone.

More Previews

Adrenaline Vault also has a preview up. (More and more previews are popping up... Why? 'cuz Half-life rocks =) )

Gamespot Preview/OEM update

Gamespot updated their Half-life: Day One preview. And includes a handful of screenshots. Its worth the read (on how the game made the reviewer emotionally scared! =) ).

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September 23, 1998

Inter-/Pre- views

I recieved an e-mail from Syco and has wanted me to post a link to his interview with Harry Teasley.

Also OGR has posted a nice OEM preview of half-life.

2 movies/screens

The ever-fruitful Atomic Half-life has posted two movies. One is of Jay from the Pre-CD and the other is a 360 degree rotation of Gina, the DM model.

Far2Cool has gotten two exclusives, the first being a view of a crate, and the second of a post battle site.

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Gamespot on the OEM

Gamespot has a preview/review of the OEM Valve shipped (along with the controversy it generated) a few days ago. The preview has a lot of info on "Day One" and some of it could spoil the surprise the game offers.

New Guy! (Again!)

No, I'm not a new guy to The Daily Death, I just took a vacation and did some work along the way, as Mike started updating too along with Dann who also rides with Halflife@Far2cool. I'm going to start treading the waters again for Half-life and post some quicky news. =)

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September 21, 1998


The grand re-opening of was yesterday, and I of all people didn't post it. Well anyway, there's a new layout and TWO new ECTS previews!! So get over there if you're cool or English.

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September 19, 1998

Twisted up

Twisted Half-life is back up after some server trouble. And has a slightly different URL (different .html file) so pay a visit and re-bookmark.

Grey Matter found in HL Community

Finally someone has their head screwed on straight and talks about release dates. Many good points are made in this article, and it's also very funny. Unless you one of the stupid people that he talks about.

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September 18, 1998

Atomic Movies

Atomic Half-life has released another Preliminary Finding's Movie, the Kelly One.

Bad Screens

There's been some comotion over these "warez screens" that have been floating around. Well to clear things up, Dredd2000 of the HLVortex had the OEM version version mailed to him, so I think the Contaminated statment was just a way to protect themselves and to keep getting the exculsives first or something,. But as Sven of Atomic Half-life put it so nicely:

Us not posting screenshots and warez versions of the OEM release aren't related BTW... I see that other sites are taking down shots because they come from illegal versions of the OEM... how exactly does that effect the screenshots? They're exactly the same as if some1 had the legal version... only difference is they don't have the piece of hardware it comes with

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September 14, 1998

Half-Life: Day One OEM

Saw on Contaminated that Guillemot will bundle the Half-Life: Day One OEM demo with the Maxi Gamer Phoenix Banshee board. Guillemot will ship the card, along with the demo late this week or early next week. If you want a Banshee card and Half-Life, look no further =D

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September 13, 1998

Half-Life and 3dnow!

Jeff Tom of AMD Zone is a big follower of Half-Life, and is upset that it won't include AMDs 3dnow! technology. He decided to start a petition, so that the Valve guys might reconsider and put it in. Go sign it because it's a worthy cause, even more important then the Boys and Girls Club! I'll be sure to sign it because I have a K6-2, and I need that 3dnow! stuff.

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September 12, 1998


Since we want to be the site you guys, the Half-Life gamers, come to for all your Half-Life needs, we want all your suggestions on how to make Half-Life.netthe best site out there. Bring 'em on, big or small, they'll all be considered! Just e-mail me.

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ECTS Thoughts

Atlaz, of Valveworld, has written a nice little review of what he saw of Half-Life at ECTS. Nothing much new, but it's Half-life related, so go read it!!!

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Sven of Atomic Half-life has whipped up a large preview of Half-life, good for anyone who either wants to know Half-life the first time, or to renew that ever doubing heart. There's also a new screen of the umasked grunt.

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September 10, 1998

Taking off

Well, I'm taking off for a trip later today, and I won't be be back until until Saturday. Too bad, I just got in the groove of updating again, but I'm sure I'll stay in it =D Be sure to direct your news towards Dann until Saturday.

Oh, if you are wondering, has not been abondoned. We just got a new web designer, and we are waiting for him to make his design. So be patient, it will go up, and we'll be sure to have lots of surprises in store for ya.

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Cover Art

The finalized version of the Half-lfie box is posted on Contaminated.


Four new screens for you to look at. Two from Level Alpha, and two from the Dark Portal Map Database.



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September 9, 1998

A New Guy?

Nope! Some of you who have been involved in the Half-Life scene for a long time may remember me, but most won't. I'm Mike and I started this page way back last November, but my lazy self, as usual, stop updating. BUT, I'm back! So stop calling this Dann's page, it's mine mine mine! Hehehe, j/k. Oh, thanks to my friend Steve for motivating me to update again =D.

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I don't know what any of this is, cause I never read

Genevieve Ostergard
425-649-9800 x5862


September 8, 1998

Sierra Studios Announces Strategic Partnerships for the OEM Release of Half-Life: Day One Hot Action Title Appeals to Big Name Manufacturers in the Game Industry

BELLEVUE, WA -- September 8, 1998 – Sierra Studios announced at the ECTS trade show in London, England, that this week it is shipping Half-Life: Day One to several leading hardware manufacturers to include with their products in fourth quarter bundles. Half-Life: Day One is an abridged (250 MB) version of Valve’s eagerly anticipated first-person action game.

Half-Life, which is being developed by Valve, sparked strong interest from a variety of potential OEM partners after being named "Best PC Game" and "Best Action Game" at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Half-Life is due to hit store shelves in late October, and is expected to be one of the holiday’s hottest titles.

Half-Life: Day One gives players several hours of the single-player Half-Life experience and was designed exclusively for OEM partnerships. "Companies that make games-related hardware and accessories want their customers to get a great experience right out of the box," said Scott Lynch, senior vice president, Sierra Studios. "By bundling Half-Life: Day One, OEMs are giving their customers the opportunity to play the hottest action game of the year as soon as they install their new hardware."

"We’ve made a number of advances with Half-Life that make the 3D action experience much more interesting and unpredictable," said Gabe Newell, managing director of Valve. "For instance, unlike other action games, Half-Life has a rich, complex plot that requires players to think smart to survive. Half-Life: Day One is essentially the first several hours of the full game. Our goal was to give players a fun experience that takes full advantage of their new hardware, while also drawing them into the Half-Life story. We’re confident that after playing Half-Life: Day One, gamers will want to buy the full version at retail and experience the complete Half-Life adventure."

The OEM deals will begin Fall 1998 for Half-Life: Day One. Confirmed partners in the program include:

Diamond Multimedia, bundling Half-Life: Day One with their Monster Sound MX300 sound card worldwide Guillemot International, bundling Half-Life: Day One with their Maxi Gamer Phoenixä Voodoo Banshee Board worldwide ThrustMaster, bundling Half-Life: Day One with their Frag Master Joystick

"The reaction to Half-Life: Day One from the OEM marketplace has been overwhelming," said Dan Elvester director of Cendant OEM. " The demand for program participation has exceeded expectations as other ‘OEMs’ are accelerating their plans to take advantage of this pre-release edition of Half-Life."

Half-Life introduces a revolutionary leap in 3D first-person games by combining stunning technology enhancements with genre-breaking gameplay elements. Gamers are given opportunities to wreak havoc--in true action-game fashion--but they are also challenged to explore and strategize; for instance, telling friend from foe is no longer a simple matter of humans vs. monsters. Half-Life's strong story elements, advanced inventory system and story-integrated challenges create an experience never before seen in traditional "run-and-gun" action games. Both Half-Life and Half-Life: Day One feature support for Open-GL and MMX hardware acceleration. The full version of Half-Life also includes Internet multiplayer support for up to 32 players.

Founded in 1996, Valve develops games software. Based in Kirkland, Washington, the company consists of more than 25 leading artists, game designers, and programmers. More information about Valve is available through the company's web site at

Sierra Studios is a member of the Sierra family and a brand division of its parent company Cendant Software. Cendant is the world’s premier provider of consumer and business services. Cendant operates in three principal segments: Alliance Marketing, Travel and Real Estate Services. Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, the company has more than 40,000 employees, operates in over 100 countries and makes approximately 100 million customer contacts annually.

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September 8, 1998


WinAmp2 has finally been released sporting some new features. Go to their homepage to download it.

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New IRC channels

If your an IRC junkee like many are, two new Undernet channels opened up for you to idle in:

#hl - This channel will be the place to set up Death Match games for Half-life.

#dopefish - This is my channel, no real reason for it. Just go there.

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September 7, 1998

Release Date

Well the release date has been changed from Summer '98 to October. Here's some stuff stolen from
Valve Software finally announces a firm release date for Half-Life.

According to Valve Software's Gabe Newell, the long-awaited Half-Life will be released in October - as opposed to the vague "late summer" release that has been predicted before. This information is firm, though Sierra representatives were unable to say whether it would be late or early in the month.

Then there's some news on a demo, or OEM rather. Here's a quote from Max

Well that's day one of ECTS over and with the crowds and work I haven't had a real chance to look at Half-Life. Robin Walker of TF2 fame and Gabe Newell are there for Half-Life and I should get to say hi tomorrow with a bit of luck.

One tidbit I did gather is about a) release date and b) "demo" version.

According to Robin and a Sierra employee of my acquaintance, they hope to have Half-Life out within 4 weeks (this ties in with the rumours) and the OEM version in a week. The OEM will be around 25% of the whole game so in other words, plenty to keep people busy until the start of October.

For the numerically challenged, that means the street date should be around the 5th October in the US probably the 9th over here in England.


Followed by:

By now you've probably already seen Mike's post but let me reiterate: the OEM version of Half-Life is intended for hardward manufacturers to bundle with their hardware (OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer btw). It's standard practice for OEMs to make decisions on the software they will bundle MANY months in advance of it actually hitting store shelves, which is why we needed to deliver this version in advance of the retail product. While we do not control when these manufacturers will actually ship HL along with their hardware, it should be AFTER the full retail product ships, now slated for late October.

There were two reason for making the OEM announcement: 1) to let everyone know that we're not just sitting on our thumbs, since finishing this milestone gets us a LOT closer to shipping the final product and 2) to let the larger PC community, particularly hardware manufacturers, know that we (actually, Sierra) have this program if they are interested in taking part. Sounds like something got lost in the translation somewhere! Hope this clarifies.


Black Mesa has moved to 3D Unlimited.

United States Half-Life Map Database has been renamed to Dark Portal Map Database, and also has a new layout.

All this found on

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September 4, 1998


There are three new Screens posted on Twisted Half-life from


Nade has posted an interview of his impressions at Aftershock.

Found on Contaminated


U.S.H.M.D. has an interview with Yahn, that Net code/Worldcraft guy.

GameSpot has an interview with Gabe, right before ECTS.

Found on Contaminated

Sites and Updates

The Antrax DM group has redesigned their page.

The HL webring is going to be updated soon. updated their Mail Bag and their Interviews/Previews.

Spyder's Fortress has updated with some TeamFortress2 basic info.

TF2 Workshop has updated their site with all the TF2 class information.

All this stolen from

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September 2, 1998

Previews Part2

sCary has the preview up with some new info and screens.

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The Voodoo Extreme interview has finally been posted. It's a good read, but Gabe said a bad word, so now I'm not going to but Half-life.

There's a TeamFortress2 preview up by Spyder, and is a pretty good read. also mentioned that sCary will have something up soon too.

Help Wanted

ValveWorld is looking for a Photoshop person to create graphics for their site.

U.S.H.M.D. needs a few people. Here's an e-mail ripped from

The USHMD, a hosted site at is looking for the following: Level Designe artists, a webmaster, a person who will be our modtracker and conversion tracker, we need several people to help me update the site, oh, and we definetly need tutorial writer's and reviewer's. If you want to be a part of this drop me a line. Send in your experience etc. etc.

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