Ductorian News

Dumb Search12:06 AM 07/29/00

I added a little Google search box on the main page, because I could. It was free, and the ads are light, and I could get rid of them if I really felt like it. The results page is customized for purposes of funkiness. Anyway, try it out.
Downloads Page Update12:28 AM 07/08/00

I spent some time reorganizing the formerly disorganized and haphazard downloads page. Now it is both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, two very big plusses. Visit to see for yourself. I also added links to the Duct Wars Wallpaper Dann posted. Go and see
WASSSSSUUUPPP!11:27 PM 07/04/00

Dann spent the time to create a very good Duct Wars wassup. I think he deserves a round of applause, and you will too when you see it. Go to Downloads to get it.
Fan Club Activation1:05 AM 06/27/00

Yes, indeedly, the fan club is up and operational. Now if I could just get someone to join... I know! YOU could join! That's right, whoever you are who is reading this, YOU join. It's all explained on the Fan Club page, so go there and sign up.
All Pages Up11:14 PM 06/22/00

You won't get any broken links anymore. No siree, all pages are up. Sure, a couple of them have no content, but they'll have content soon.
New Stuff9:53 PM 06/22/00

I added all kinds of new stuff today and yesterday. I uploaded my transcription of Duct Wars I: The Rebellion to the Downloads page. Here is a direct link to part 1. I added pictures to that screenplay, and also added the better ones to my image randomizer on the main page. I changed the captions there to tell you which movie the cap is from.

The Feedback page is up, so you can e-mail me without the mailto: protocal most browsers use for POP outgoing e-mail. I know a lot of people who don't have that set up, so this way you just type your e-mail address in and it works automatically. If you have comments, questions, or complaints, please send them through there. I especially want to know if any part of the page looks bad with your monitor or screen resolution or color depth or browser or operating system. I tried to be careful, but I need your input to make it perfect.

The Technology page is up with explanations of all the Ductorian technology that was in the movies. That page took work. Don't ignore it.

I'm working on a page to describe and explain all the characters in the movie. That'll be cool. Trust me.

I guess I'm done babbling now.