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Only by treating everyone as our neighbors, with dignity and respect, can wehope to maintain the element of surprise on that inevitable day when wewipe our enemies off the face of the earth

Welcom to Phantasim, a division of RIYF. We arethe best at a game that isnt out yet. We will have our own skins for ourguys and stuff, possibly ppm's ( hope hope hope). Join our squad by goingto the RIYF homepage and going to the join section. In the thing it shouldsay join phantasim squad. Also send me mascots, story's and pictures andI'll put them up, I dont care to much if they are any good or not.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 9-27-98
New member today, everyone welcom phishhed to the squad yeahhhhhhhh...... sigh

OK i gots bad news... my parents have grounded me yet again.. this time forreasons unspecified by the so i dont know what the fuck they are thinking,anyway the point is this, i will be gone the rest of this month whcih nowthat i look at the date really isnt that long.....

I have had this project idea in my head for a while and now im gonna tellyou what it is. I want to start a project where map makers make a roomwith 2-4 exits in it, and i will peice each part together to make a map.more on this later, if your interested than e-mailme.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 9-12-98
I regret to announcew that Cartmen91 has DIED!! Well he's still alive, but he has resigned from the squad. still lookin for people so sign up. iI need tf positions!

Sun-Hou-Tzu 9-6-98
Got some word from the [half-life] mailing list tonight about the possible release of the demo next week. release date for the gameis in october sometime. check it out on

Sun-Hou-Tzu 9-3-98
Well it is now september.... and there is still non news to speak of. Half-Life hasnt come yet and while we sit and wait we become fatter and fatter, we sit and wait and eat, we watch hours and hours of t.v. and read preview after preview of the game we all wait for. and for what purpose are we doing this? its just a waste of time waiting and reading previews. i say we do something, i have no frigiin idea what to do, break out your pong clone..... come on ya know you have one somewhere, and keep your mind active. or you could become a dilusional freak who walks down the street wearing clothes that were out of date in the '80's talking to your self about why music in the 50's was cool. well if you read that you know how im wasting my time....

hey i got some real news! a plane crashed! people died! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! ahhhh hell life sux im so bored.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 8-12-98
I put up my newly made map, its tf and im thinking of making a mega tf version later, and if there is any demand (yeah right) i might make a second one.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 8-6-98
We got a whole bunch of new people in the squad in the last three days. Phantasim would like to welcom (we need a run way or something and some rave music and spot ligths and stuff), in order of appearence HEATMISER, Wedge and Jerris

Sun-Hou-Tzu 8-3-98
Hey hey!! Page is back up and stylin dude!! It took me a while to get around to getting a new place fer the page ( I was playing to much Team Fortress :). I think we gots new dudes in the squad.... i'll go check that out now.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 6-28-98
I got a new pic from Dann today. Check out Psycho pig again on the pics page.

Finally got a new isp!!!!! i can now play quake and quake 2 over the net reeeeaaaaalllllly fast. Hope it runs that fast for half-life. The Page is slownly getting updated. You dont like it, get used to it. I am not doing this again. Anyway with this new isp i supposedly get a free page, so i might be moving off this horrible.... i mean wonderful hosting thing xoom.

Sun-Hou-Tzu 6-22-98
OK sombody hacked into my site and that would explain the porno (not a big feat to hack my site). anyway you can get a look at what the page will look like from the main area now. some pictures are now none existent so thats why they be f*ked.

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