Karen Maloney's Skating School

Second Annual Thanksgiving Ice Show

Last Updated: May 31, 1997met.

Following the theme:

"The Wizard of OZ"

A specific day has not been set, as of 5/31/97 but it should be on or near November 29, 1996 and will be held in the afternoon or early evening, depending on ice availability
You can review our First Annual Show Now!
First Annual Show

Introduction: Black & White, just like in the movie TBA TBA
Group Number Line Number All The Tornado Strikes
Dorothy Begins her Journey Heidi D. TBA
Meet the Scarecrow TBA TBA
Meet the Tin Man TBA TBA
Meet the Lion TBA TBA
Solo 1: Jessica F. TBA
Solo 2: Kathleen D. TBA
Solo 3: Darcy B. TBA
Solo 4: Kimberly C. TBA
Solo 5: Stephanie C. TBA
Solo 6: Malay K. TBA
Invited Guests: 1997 Junior Olympics Open Juvenile Pairs 8th ranked National Competitors
1996 - 1997 New England Regionals, Open Juvenile Pairs Exhibitors:
Christopher T. and Celeste W.
The Wizard of Oz
Solo 7: Jackie F. TBA
Solo 8: . TBA
Solo 9: Heidi D. TBA
Solo 10: Xaykham K. TBA
Solo 11: Christopher T. "Indiana Jones"
Invited Senior Guest: Mr. Paul Lapointe, Fall River. TBA
Adult Soloist 1996 US Adult National ABFSII Gold Medalist: Michael Thombs Sound track from Yanni
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