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IRC Page

   In case anyone is wondering how to get on IRC, I've put up a page on how to get connected and what channels are worth going to. You can view that here.

Update by Dann - 22 April 1999 14:22:27

Harry Teasley IRC Chat

   Bluesnews has a news post about a forthcoming IRC chat with Harry Teasley from Valve. The subject is Half-Life MOD making, and its going to happen tomorrow night, April 22nd 5:00 PM PST. Its al gona be 'goin down' in #halflife.org server, irc.gamesnet.net.
"Half-Life MOD and Level Development Chat"

Talk to the developers of Half-Life and get answers to your questions on the SDK, and building MODs.
This chat is a great opportunity for serious developers to have all their questions answered.

The kinds of questions appropriate for this chat:

  • How does the MOD browser work?
  • What's the difference between the standard and professional SDK?
  • How does TFC replace the HUD graphics? - Can I sell my MOD?
  • What is in the next update of Worldcraft?
  • Update by Alex - 21 April 1999 23:18:04


       There's a new IRC channel dedicated to Team Fortress Classic. So log onto the Undernet and go to channel #tfc. The people there are very friendly and will certainly help you out. I'll get an IRC page up with all the good channels sometime.

       TFC Head Quarters also need some help with news updating, so contact DarkSea if your interested.

    Update by Dann - 20 April 1999 21:51:36

    New HL Model Plugin

       Just saw on the mighty Bluesnews that the Q2PMP has a new plugin for people using 3D Studio Max 2.5 and/or Character Studio 2.1. You can download it here (courtesy of PQ ;). But check out the update on Q2PMP for the referance to Half-Life modelling, if only I knew how...

       Spurr of the moment!

    Half-Life@Far2Cool Model Competition

       Does anyone want to make a Far2Cool model! If you do, then send them into either me or Dann. In return we'll give you a full page preview/interview and you'll be famous! Oh, well maybe not famous, but we'll be eternally gratefull... and we'll plug any other models you do for Half-Life for ages and ages...

       Model specifications... Make it funky! Make it cool! (also most importantly, make it orginal!)

    Wine Linux Port?!?

       Souds funky but its true, over on Wine HQ there is apparently information on how to compile the source code of TFC so that it runs on linux! Woooo! That'll make a lot of Linux buffs happy! The kosha Linux port is due out soon anyway, so I'd suggest waiting for that... especially if it comes in .rpm format. :)

    Professional HL League

       I know this will be of a lot of interest to you, so take a gander at the newly formed, PHLL. This looks like it could be a lot of fun, be warned that Season 1 will begin on April 19th (Monday) and so the last day to register is TODAY.

    Update by Alex - 18 April 1999 11:21:21

    Too Much TFC!

       Ok, so I admit it... TFC is so much more fun and is taking up much more of my time than I thought possible... ok I'm sooooo sorry but dont expect regular updates till this bug wears off! TFC Rulez nuff said.

    Update by Alex - 18 April 1999 08:36:49

    Crazy Horse, the first mod out.
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